Hillcrest Mathletes Take Gold at T.F. South


Hillcrest Hawks Mathletes Team after their victory at T.F. South: 10/19/2016

On Wednesday, October 19, 2016, the Hillcrest Hawk Mathletes finished in 1st place, beating conference rivals Tinley Park, T.F. North, and T.F. South at T. F. South High School in Lansing, IL. For the second year in a row, the Hillcrest Mathletes have come out on top against these conference rivals.

In the Freshmen division, the Hawks took 1st place in all three competitions: Equations/Inequalities, Percents and Freshmen Groups. Freddie Taylor finished with a perfect 10 in Equations/Inequalities.

In the Sophomore division, the Hawks earned a 1st in Exponents, while the Sophomore Team of Danielle Douglas and Ludana Jean-Charles finished 1st in Finance Applications.

The Juniors finished 2nd in both Volume/Surface Area and Junior Groups. The team of Darlene Moore-Jones and Tia Pollard finished in 2nd place in Logic and Truth Tables.

In the Senior division, while competing with two Seniors and two Juniors, the Hawks earned a 2nd place finish in Complex Numbers (Special thanks to Juniors Najio Fields  and Timeon Oyeyemi for competing at the Senior level). Junior Najio Fields even finished with a perfect 10 in Exponential and Log Functions.

The coaches are extremely proud of our 29 Hawk Mathletes that competed at T.F South; their effort and commitment are greatly appreciated by the coaches.

Great Job Mathletes!!!

For more information, please contact Mathlete coach Mr. Robert Valiska. ([email protected])