Hillcrest Activities Celebrate Halloween with Pumpkin Decorating


Entries into the Hillcrest IMC Pumpkin Decorating Contest: 2016

To encourage school spirit and participation in school activities, the Hillcrest IMC sponsored a Halloween Pumpkin Decorating Contest. As a club, Hillcrest activities decorated their pumpkins according to this year’s theme of “Stories.”

The decorated pumpkins were then raffled off to those who bought tickets to the HIllcrest Art Society’s annual “Haunted at the Hill.”

Raffle winners were able to bring home their decorated pumpkins on Halloween.

The following students won the Decorated Pumpkins:

Not Pictured:
Sam Agoye — “Pinocchio” (Decorated by Freshmen Class)
Jarrett Kenebrew-Campbell — “Yanderween” (Decorated by Anime Club)
Kenyata Gaiter — “Jack Skellington” (Decorated by Tech Team)

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