Hillcrest Drama Group Kicks of 2016-17 Season


Hillcrest’s Drama Group rehearses “Lockdown” in advance of its premier performance: Fall ’17.

Over the weekend of December 2nd, the Hillcrest Drama Group kicked off its 2016-17 season with a performance of Douglas Craven’s short drama “Lockdown.”

Chosen for its relevant and timely themes, “Lockdown” imagines a classroom of student left on their own during a school-wide emergency. Director Gregory Fitch said of the performance, “Our young cast handled the seriousness of the play’s tone with aplomb. Their stagecraft developed impressively in the short time they have been working together, and I look forward to seeing what they can accomplish next.”

Junior Tyler Allen reflected on her time with the Drama Group: “Hillcrest Drama Group is one of the best groups to be in; from learning to project your voice and make yourself audible in a large room filled with people to memorizing and reciting paragraphs in short spans of time, drama and theatre teaches many valuable lessons. Rehearsals consist of vocal warm ups, team building exercises, and different acting exercises that are quite useful when it comes to skills in communication. Our wonderful directors, stage managers, crew, and cast come together to create art. Although we are still developing as a team and individually, I believe that our drama group is a gem and, personally, a privilege to be a part of.”

The Drama Group’s future plans include performances of Idris Goodwin’s And in this Corner: Cassius Clay which according to playscripts.com, “At the sound of the bell, young Cassius Clay Jr. takes his first step into the ring and starts becoming the man the world would know as Muhammad Ali. This swift, vibrant historical drama bobs and weaves through the iconic boxer’s early life in Jim Crow-era Louisville. An unlikely hero is a classic story, but And in This Corner goes an extra, exhilarating round by exploring how remarkable communities help to create them.”

Ticket information and dates for And in this Corner: Cassius Clay are forthcoming for this play about which The St. Louis American wrote, “The ultimate take away is to encourage the audience to use life’s obstacles to channel their inner champion–which resides in everyone–and fight for what’s right.”

For more information, regarding the Hillcrest Drama Group’s past or future performances please visit its website at http://bhsd228.schoolwires.net/Page/2780.