Time Travel Paradoxes

Time Travel Paradoxes

Ji'keise Armwood, Staff Writer

Time travel is that one thing  we all wish we could do at least once in our lives. Haven’t we all had that one embarrassing moment in our lives that we all think. “I wish I could go back in time and never had done that. Let’s have a little fun with that idea, what if we wanted to go back in time freely and change events as we please to make the world a better one, or to have it at the palm of our hands. However before we decide to travel through time we should take note not create any paradoxes. There are many different types of paradoxes that can cause a change in what could happen throughout time.

The first to look at is the Bootstrap Paradox. Basically what this is, is when information or objects aren’t actually created, the existence of it comes from coming the future and ends in the past to become themselves. For example if I were to go back in time and took a touchscreen phone with me and created the world’s first touchscreen phone that’s what the Bootstrap paradox is. I went back in time and created something in the past that was from the future.

Another odd paradox is the Predestination Paradox. This is when you travel back in time to try to stop or change the outcome of an event. Before we dive into this one we need to go over is what would be happening to you as you were traveling through time. As you are moving throughout time you’re going to be experiencing time dilation, what we all think of as the speed of time we think of it as constant, even when we’re in a hurry even what we lose track of the time. We kinda think of and eternal clock that moves at a constant rate, unlike the clocks you see in classrooms that stop once the battery dies out, but that ideal of that eternal clock isn’t true. It’s not that the speed of time is what’s constant it’s the speed in which energy can move in that is constant, in other words the speed of light. So you should be careful because when you look at a watch it might look like time is moving at a normal speed or rate. However it’s that this universe is moving at it’s own speed, it’s own rate. So when you try to reconnect with it you may alter the course of history and end up causing it the the point where you don’t exist. So with this Predestination paradox you going back in time to stop and event is what causes that event to happen in the first place, which then leads future you to try and go back and stop it.

Moving on to the Grandfather paradox, which is if you wanted to go back in time to kill your grandfather he wouldn’t have one of you parents so in turn that would mean you couldn’t go back in time to kill your grandfather. Let’s have a little fun with this idea. What if you were to go back in time and accidentally to kill yourself , then you wouldn’t be alive to go back in time to kill yourself which  means you couldn’t kill yourself, thus causing you to move on forward in time until you killed yourself. Which in turn would make your entire existence a paradox.

Just think about these few paradoxes the next time you think that you’re ready to go through time and change events. We are our flaws and mistakes so it’s better to just face our past mistakes and learn from them because overall that’s what help us become better people and change how we live with the lives we have today.