Trolls: A Review


DreamWorks Animation

Jazmine Jean-Simon, Staff Writer

Trolls is 3-D computer animated musical film based off of Troll Dolls created by Thomas Dam. The story is about a community of trolls that try to escape the terror of troll-eating Bergens. After the Bergens invade the troll village, Princess Poppy (Anna Kendrick) and her friend Branch (Justin Timberlake) try to save the trolls before they’re eaten.

Trolls was released on November 4, 2016, distributed by 20th century FOX. It was directed by Mike Mitchell and produced by Gina Shay. The movie made $344.6 million with a $125 million budget. It had mixed ratings from many different critics. It received 6.5/10 from IMDb and a 74% from Rotten Tomatoes. The movie received a Grammy for Best Song Written for Visual Media. It won other awards such as the Hollywood Film Awards and Hollywood Music in Media Award. Bill Zwecker from Chicago Sun Times stated, “You simply will walk out – or perhaps dance out – of the theater feeling very happy yourself.”

I honestly enjoyed this movie. It has become one of my favorite animated movies beside Coco and The Princess and the Frog. The plot was great and well-planned out. I love how the Trolls were truly living their lives to the fullest. All they did was sing, dance, and hug. Some of them that weren’t always happy and lost their color. Branch, Princess Poppy’s friend, was always sad and bitter, because his grandma was killed by a Bergen. Bergens were sad, desperate creatures that believed that if they ate Trolls, they would have true happiness. The Bergens went away for twenty years, because the King relocated the Troll Village. King Pappy (Jeffery Tambor) didn’t want the Village to end, because the Bergens didn’t understand how to be happy. Ever since then, Princess Poppy was protecting the Troll Village. When a Bergen came out of nowhere and invaded the village, her bravery was put to the test in order to steal the Trolls before they were eaten by the Bergens.

I enjoyed seeing Princess Poppy stand up to the Bergens, even though she was half their size. She showed great bravery and leadership. With all that happening, the Bergens had their own drama. Prince Gristle (Christopher Mintz-Plasse), the prince of Bergen Town, was having issues with being happy, because he never ate a Troll. However, his maid, Bridget (Zooey Deschanel), was in love with him, but was afraid to express her feelings. While Princess Poppy was trying to save the other trolls, she also helped turn Bridget in Lady Glitter sparkles, her alter ego, in order to win Prince Gristle’s heart. In the end, Prince Gristle and Bridget fell in love, and Poppy saved all the trolls. Princess Poppy also fell in love with Branch, which made him gain his color back.

In conclusion, I would recommend this movie to anyone of any age. It really just shows you how to be happy.