Hillcrest Seniors inducted into National French Language Honor Society


Hillcrest seniors Timeon Oyeyemi, Aryrreon Douglass, and Tamryn Rockett are inducted into the National French Language Honor Society.

On April 11, 2018, Hillcrest High School inducted its first members into the National French Language Honor Society.  To earn this award, the inductees must be a 3rd or 4th year French student, have achieved a 4.0 or above GPA in all classes, have achieved a 4.5 and above in French classes, and have exemplified distinguished character, service and academic skills as students of Hillcrest High School.  

Timeon Oyeyemi, Aryrreon Douglass, and Tamryn Rockett, French 3 seniors met these distinguished requirements.  They were honored during a ceremony at Hillcrest High School and will wear a tassel and pin at graduation. They also received a certificate from the American Association of Teachers of French to honor their academic skills and community involvement in promoting French language studies.

During the ceremony, they promised to promote the learning of language as an avenue for self growth and also a link for understanding and peace between different cultures.   Their teacher Ms. Johnson, World Languages Chairperson Mrs. Maureen Miller, Principal Dr. Renee Simms, and the Hillcrest World Language teachers and students were in attendance at the ceremony.

We are all very proud of the inductees that received this distinguished honor.

For more information concerning Ms. Johnson’s French classes: https://il01001099.schoolwires.net/Domain/947