What Does It Take to be a Hillcrest High School Flag Girl?


Angel Jackson, Staff Writer

I’ve been a Flag Girl at Hillcrest for three years now. When I first auditioned at the end of my 8th grade year, I was not expecting what I got. Starting from day one, I knew this was going to take commitment and dedication, but it took way more than that.

When we were at auditions, right off the bat our former captain Eriana told us, “This takes discipline, hard work, and dedication. This is your life now.” These words intimidated me. But, it didn’t stop me from still trying.

The first day of our camp was probably the hardest day ever for me. I felt like I was dying from just running one lap! And, boy, oh boy, is that nothing to me now. After long summer days, I soon came to the conclusion that this really is my life now. Everyone on the team jokingly says, “What’s a summer?” or “I don’t have a summer break.” Which is to be taken literally and figuratively. Practice at camp was usually three to four hours long. So right after practice was over, I’m always super tired and worn out. My friends always complain about how “All I ever do is practice,” but to me it’s either you practice or you quit. And quitting is not an option for me.

Throughout the season there were days when I felt like giving up. There were days when I would just say “I don’t care anymore. It’s not worth it.” I also had to learn that every day isn’t going to be an easy day. I won’t be able to always have my way which wasn’t easy for me to learn, but I have to deal with it. I would come home and complain to my older sister Jaslynn. She was like the person I immediately vent to if there is a problem on the team. She was a majorette at Hillcrest when she was in high school, so she knew what I was going through. Whenever I told her that I was ready to quit or was over it, she always gave me the best motivational speeches. She always brings me to my right mind when I’ve had a rough day. She is really my number one supporter. That’s why I feel like everyone needs at least one person to be their motivator outside of the team. I feel like if I didn’t have Jaslynn, I probably would’ve given up my sophomore year.

While being on the team I’ve grown very close to a lot of the girls. When I first got on the team my freshman year, I was really quiet and conservative. I felt like if I were to branch out and try to make friends, no one would like me. So I ended up not enjoying coming to practice. I felt like no one ever wanted to talk to me and I was just an outsider. It made me dread coming to practice because every lunch break I would just sit alone until it was time to get back to work. I told my sister about this and she told me I needed to get to know them. Once band camp started, I grew very close with one girl, Makayla. Originally, she and I did not always see eye to eye but we got over it. Makayla had me go talk to the rest of the girls on the team and I can honestly say ever since then, I’ve met some of the best girls I feel like that goes to Hillcrest. Being on any team is very stressful. But, I feel like you make some friends, you will enjoy it ten times more. I actually started to enjoy practice and was able to act like myself around them and they didn’t care.

Being a Flag Girl takes a lot of work. It’s like a roller coaster. But eventually the roller coaster ends and mine will be over next year. I do not regret ever auditioning because I feel like without it, high school would’ve been very boring.