Has COVID-19 Got In Your Way of being Successful?


Image by Vilve Roosioks from Pixabay

Makayla Lewis, Staff Writer

A tragic disease broke out in the United States, which is named COVID-19, starting March 2020. This disease has caused many businesses, schools, sports, and jobs to close down which caused them to lose a lot of money. This outbreak has ruined many people’s lives and success. COVID 19 has brought many people to believe that they are failures: not motivated, unhappy, stressed. In this situation, it affected the children, teens, and young adults the most. Not saying it didn’t affect the adults, but it hit harder for the youth and young adults. 

As a student, I can say COVID 19 has challenged me good and bad. In the beginning, once everything closed and school was from home at the end of my sophomore year, everything was going well. Once junior year started, I began to get unmotivated and lazy. It wasn’t the fact that I didn’t have the support because I did; it was getting to the point where it became overwhelming with having to do E-learning.

Since I am a junior which is an important year for colleges I felt as if it interfered with me taking the SAT. I say this because I haven’t been in school to sit there and learn what I needed to learn. A quote stated “Life or time is all about changing, so why you don’t ready to change yourself” (D.S Rawat). In the middle of my junior year, I decided to get way more serious. I couldn’t just let this outbreak hold me back from becoming successful nor getting scholarships. I started betting myself for the better and can say that I am happy and ready to succeed in my goals. The fact is, many young people that are in school or college understand where I am coming from and how I felt. 

However, this doesn’t just apply to college and school kids. COVID 19 has tried to stop everyone’s success. Adults who have lost their jobs and didn’t have enough money to pay bills still manage to push through. “Life is full of happiness and tears; be strong and have faith” (Kareena Kapoor Khan). Many people have taken a loss but came back better than ever. They strived to be better than who they were when COVID-19 first hit them. 

As you can see, COVID-19 is a very serious situation that has an impact on everyone of all ages. It has affected people to where they had to question themselves “as if they could still be successful in life”, or “could they even make it through this pandemic”. This outbreak has challenged and motivated us. Showed us the real world versus how to manage the situation too.

Remember: “The man on top of the mountain didn’t fall there” (Vince Lombardi).