Do We Really Have Hawk Pride?


Kahliah Wright, Staff Writer

Several athletes from different sports have had a similar experience; some Hillcrest athletes don’t feel supported unless they’re winning. 

For example, football player, Natanhiel Logan said, “I feel supported by the fans some of the time.” He stated that “the fans don’t impact his game because it’s not really about the fans most of the time” and “you only hear the fans at the end because they’re so far away from the field.” Although Natanhiel feels that sometimes the school support isn’t there, his coaches are always in his corner and want the best. He feels that there is a difference between fans and the “Blue Crew” members. “The fans don’t want the best for me, but the Blue Crew members do.” 

Kahlyse Wright, a multi-sport athlete, has had a similar experience to Logan: she feels supported playing basketball but doesn’t feel all that supported by the fans in her other sports. However, when she loses in basketball there is more backlash than losing in track and volleyball. This backlash can have a negative impact on future games.

Star basketball player, Bryce Tillery stated that the fans in “Blue Crew” impact his game because of the energy they have. “The fans are there dancing and having a good time,” he stated. In addition to the support, there is still backlash when he loses. Bryce also stated, “It depends if the fans want best for me, you know who the true supporters are.”

No one likes to lose a game, but sometimes it happens. Being a true supporter of a school means that you need to support your classmates during the good and bad times.  When an athlete loses a game, it has a negative impact on them and this negative energy can be increased if the hallways and stands are saying negative things.  Imagine coming to school the next day after a bad game, and instead of getting uplifted you get put down; it’s a terrible feeling. 

A way to change this negative energy is by joining a positive fan base called “Blue Crew.” The “Blue Crew” is a Hillcrest fan base who show what it is to be a Hawk.  They positively rally behind our teams and players when they are in tough positions in order to create positive energy to help cheer them on to victory.

At Hillcrest, we need to all build each other up instead of tearing each other down, and “Blue Crew” is a way to do that.