Happy Halloween?

Precious Windham, Staff Writer

Halloween is right around the corner.

The time for dressing up, eating candy, and Trick or Treating is almost here.

Some believe that Halloween is the devil’s holiday, and others see it is a time to have fun, scare people, and spend time with kids.

But what is the true origin of Halloween? Was it made by the candy factories? Or is it really the “devil’s holiday”?

Halloween comes from “All Hallows Eve”  and according to an article on the website Library Of Congress, Halloween has roots back to the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain which was a pagan religious celebration that was meant to welcome the harvest at the end of every summer. This specific festival was where people would dress up, light bonfires, ward off ghosts, and wear costumes as well.

But why do some people feel that Halloween is the devil’s holiday? Some people feel that the day itself is a day where people  “worship Satan” by wearing scary costumes, mimicking demonic things such as devils, ghosts, and monsters, but the original All Hallows Eve was created by saints.

I believe that Halloween is really just a corrupted version of All Hallows Eve because it was a three day festival that was celebrated by saints and included all saints, and, yes, people dressed up and played fun games and celebrated, but they were originally celebrating and welcoming the harvest at the end of every summer.

Nowadays, All Hallows Eve has changed a bit because many people are celebrating the changed of name of it being Halloween, but they aren’t celebrating the harvest at the end of summer they are just celebrating the day by having fun, dressing up, and, yes, the majority of costumes are scary and can be seen as “demonic,” but in my opinion those wearing these costumes aren’t worshiping anything – they’re just having fun.

I myself celebrate Halloween, and I would even Trick or Treat at a religious lady’s house, and she would open her door and ask us about the Lord and proceed to have us sing a gospel song in order to get the candy bags she was offering.

So, overall, in my opinion, Halloween is really just a sort of corrupt version of All Hallows Eve and it is not the “devil’s holiday”.