Homecoming Game Takes Tumble

Homecoming Game Takes Tumble

Jayla Newton, Guest Writer

It’s finally the day everyone’s been waiting for. The best game of the year is about to take place. This game has been the talk of the school all week. It’s finally the homecoming game, when we go against our rivals, Bremen.

The cheerleaders have been practicing all week to put on the best show for halftime. We have been working so hard. We performed at our pep rally and did an outstanding job. We received many compliments, but our worries were still wandering through our minds. We still had halftime for the biggest game of the year. When the game finally approached, my nerves were out of this world. The crowd was three times bigger than the pep rally crowd. I knew then that there was no room for mistakes. Soon it was time for JV to perform, and I was very excited. They were doing so good and the crowd was really enjoying it. As I’m cheering my teammates on, I see someone fall to the ground. All the cheers suddenly turned into gasp. We all had ran onto the field to see that something was wrong with the girl’s knee. The ambulance was called quickly and she was rushed to the hospital. My nerves got even worse when that happened.

So many negative thoughts wanted to go through my head, but I had to stay positive because the varsity game was next. We began to practice the performance a couple of more times before the game started. We were missing someone, so we had to make a couple changes. The changes weren’t that bad, so I knew we still could pull our routine off. The game started and the crowd was packed. Everyone was so excited when our team had got the first touchdown. We were winning! We were cheering our hearts on the sidelines and getting the crowd pumped.

Finally, it was halftime. The crowd was more intense than ever. That moment we all knew we had to put on an amazing show. We ran out onto the field and started performing. As we were performing I started to feel the ground was a bit slippery, but I kept going. We were all doing a great job. The stunts were hitting, jumps were so high, and our spirit was great. The crowd was really enjoying it. The end of the routine was coming up, and I was getting ready to tumble. My adrenaline was rushing, but I did my round off back-handspring then I heard CRACK.

I stopped.

The worst thing that can ever happen did;  I looked at my arm and my elbow was out of my arm. I grabbed my arm and rushed off the field. I found my coach, and she automatically knew something was wrong. I couldn’t stop panicking, because I didn’t know what to do. I was in so much pain. My mother rushed down from the bleachers and ran to me. My whole team was in shock, because they couldn’t believe what happened.

I suddenly burst into tears because I was very overwhelmed. My mom took me to the emergency room, where the nurses checked my arm. After 2 hours, they finally told me my arm was dislocated and I had to be put to sleep so they could put the bone back in place. After an hour of waiting, I was finally put to sleep. When I woke up, my arm felt worse than before, so I knew something was wrong again. The doctor came in, took an x-ray, and saw that my elbow was still not in place. They tried the second time with a stronger medicine and got the bone back in place. The doctor told me I couldn’t cheer for a couple months. And on top of that, I had to wear a big long cast on my arm.

Although, this was the worst night of my life it ended with a bit of happiness when I heard we beat Bremen.