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  • "When you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe, then you’ll be successful" ~Eric Thomas (submitted by Justin Edgecombe)
  • “If you take the time to do something correct the first time, you don’t have to spend the extra time redoing it.” (Submitted by Dr. Young)
  • “The future belongs to those who are prepared.... Education is the passport to the future.” ~Malcolm X (Submitted by Mr. Hennessy)

Saying “GOOD BI-DEN” To President Trump

Image by Polina Zimmerman
Tavion Drake, Staff Writer November 8, 2020

Following the conclusion of the presidential election, President Trump has finally been elected out of office with nominees Joe Biden and Kamala Harris winning the keys to the White House. To America this...

Little Blue

Image by Chris Robbins from Pixabay
Kayce Mayo, Guest Poet April 22, 2020
The Flight Magazine of Poetry and Artistic Expression presents "Little Blue" by Kayce Mayo

“The Serpent in the Garden”

Image by Chris Robbins from Pixabay
L'A the Poet, Guest Poet April 15, 2020
The Flight Magazine of Poetry and Artistic Expression presents "The Serpent in the Garden" by L'A the Poet.

Fantasy Island: Not such a fantasy after all

Columbia Pictures / Blumhouse Productions
Dezaray English, Staff Writer March 9, 2020

Imagine an island where all of your deepest desires, no matter how big or small, could be fulfilled in the blink of an eye. What would you ask for? Would you wish for something that only benefits you or...

Animal Cruelty: More Can Be Done

Image by Bernhard Stärck from Pixabay
Anisa Richard, Staff Writer March 5, 2020

There are an incredible number of animal cruelty cases reported each day and some of them aren’t acknowledged or seen at all. Animal abuse isn’t just a problem in and of itself, but it also can...

The Perks Of Upward Bound

The Perks Of Upward Bound
Raushanah Boone, Staff Writer March 5, 2020

 Upward Bound is a governmental program for first generation and low income college bound students. Here at Hillcrest High School, 3 Seeds Trio mentoring program has approximately sixty students enrolled...


Alauna Rupert, Staff Writer March 1, 2020

No matter where a school is located - no matter how much money is poured into the school, one thing a school can not buy is student pride. That is one thing that shines about Hillcrest. Most of our students...

College Do’s And Don’ts

Image by sativis from Pixabay
Tofunmi Adegbite, Staff Writer March 1, 2020

As May 20th gets closer and closer, I am sure that most of our seniors are really starting to realize that our high school journey is coming to an end. Many of us will be joining the military, others will...

Senioritis: The Real Virus

Image by Clker-Free-Vector-Images from Pixabay
Alexis Allen, Staff Writer February 29, 2020

Many viruses have been floating around the school and even around the world, but the one least discussed is “Senioritis.” This virus affects at least 300-500 Seniors in high schools across the country....

What are your plans after high school?

Eva Grandberry, Staff Writer December 22, 2019

Will Books Survive?

Image by LEEROY Agency from Pixabay
Anisa Richard, Staff Writer December 20, 2019

In today's society technology and the internet basically rules over everything and even can control where we go and when we go there. Things like reading are now done on nooks or kindles which some people...

Is It Safe?

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay
Anisa Richard, Staff Writer December 18, 2019

Statistics show that 90,000 people are missing in the United States at any time. Many of them are found dead or alive but some remain missing for periods of years or decades, leaving the families in grief...

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