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  • "When you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe, then you’ll be successful" ~Eric Thomas (submitted by Justin Edgecombe)
  • “If you take the time to do something correct the first time, you don’t have to spend the extra time redoing it.” (Submitted by Dr. Young)
  • “The future belongs to those who are prepared.... Education is the passport to the future.” ~Malcolm X (Submitted by Mr. Hennessy)
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Fun Things To Do During Spring Break

Aryanna McKenney, Staff Writer March 22, 2023

Spring Break 2023 is approaching very soon. You are probably wondering how you are going to spend your week-long vacation away from school. Well, don't worry because I have six fun things for you to do...

Scream VI, the horror thriller, was released in the United States on March 10, 2023.

The Horror of Scream VI

Amarria Jackson, Staff Writer March 20, 2023

Recently the new Scream movie series has hit theaters and it is a MUST SEE! Scream VI hit theaters March 10 in Illinois, and it's one of those movies you have to watch in theaters. Scream VI had people...

Life After High School

Life After High School

Amarria Jackson, Staff Writer March 10, 2023

It’s getting close to that time where seniors think about that next step. Whether it’s college, prep school, trade, or nothing, this is always a difficult time. We talk about 12th grade all of...

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: A Unique and Entertaining Manga Series

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: A Unique and Entertaining Manga Series

Lauren Dyer, Staff Writer March 10, 2023

Since its initial publication in 1987, Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure has become a beloved manga series among fans worldwide. Written and illustrated by Hirohiko Araki, this long-running series has captivated...

Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Pictures Inc.


Kahlyse Wright, Staff Writer March 10, 2023

The movie Creed III released March 3. This movie is on Adonis Creed who is now retired and thriving with his family. His daughter has gotten older and his wife has started a successful singing career....

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Curly Hair Products that Work for Me!

Aryanna McKenney, Staff Writer February 25, 2023

If you have curly or kinky hair, you know how hard it can be to find products that work for you. Personally, my hair has a very loose curl pattern when wet but is very thick and poofy when dry. Depending...

Image by Andrés Rodríguez from Pixabay

Top 5 Netflix Shows to Watch During Break

Kayce Mayo, Staff Writer December 22, 2022

Bored during the holiday season and you have nothing to watch? Let me tell you some of my top picks    Alice in Borderland- This is a suspenseful show where a gamer and his friends find themselves...

The Watcher | Netflix

“The Watcher”: A Spoiler Free Review

Jonae Spinks, Staff Writer December 22, 2022

Recently, Netflix released a dramatic thriller series written by the acclaimed Ryan Murphy titled The Watcher. The show trended for a while and sparked lots of buzz, so naturally I had to tune in. I quickly...

Image by Souvik Banerjee from Pixabay

The Death Of Streaming Services?

Jonae Spinks, Staff Writer December 22, 2022

According to, 85% of Americans use streaming services. However, recently the attitude towards these services has changed. Users have started to voice their dissatisfaction with sites such...

Netflix | 2022

Everyone is Talking About Harry and Meghan

Alieh Asongwe, Staff Writer December 22, 2022

Falling in love is what many would say is one of the finer things in life. To be able to find someone that you can completely be yourself around and that accepts all of you is something that some don’t...

Image by Gordon Johnson from Pixabay

The Importance of Mental Health in Teens

Lia Robinson, Staff Writer December 20, 2022

One of the most important periods in a person's life is their teenage years. These are the years that they make the most mistakes, take the most risks, be the most moody. Hormones are high and out of control....


Everyone is Talking About Wednesday

Alieh Asongwe, Staff Writer December 17, 2022

It is not a surprise that everyone loves a great show that they can binge-watch. A show that is so good that they end up finishing a whole season in one day. In the past, Netflix has put out great shows...

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