Three Teams To Win Super Bowl 51

Ryan Banks, Staff Writer

When I first started to write articles, I mentioned topics outside the sports world even though my plan was to write sports articles. Sports are a part of everyone’s life in America, so I thought I would write an article about three National Football League teams that can win the Super Bowl: The New England Patriots, Dallas Cowboys, and the Atlanta Falcons. If you have no interest in football, then you might want to not read this. This article will tell you the core idea on how or why these teams can win the Super Bowl. The N.F.L regular season is not over yet, so don’t go jump on any bandwagon.

AT&T Stadium: Home of the Dallas Cowboys

Let’s start with the so-called “America’s team,” the Dallas Cowboys. The Dallas Cowboys have bounced back from the disappointing 2015 season (4-12). Right now they are currently (7-1) and are on a six game winning streak. Dallas has the best offensive line in football, Dak Prescott is a good quarterback, and the defense is surprisingly good. However, the best way I can describe the Cowboys is an accident waiting to happen. It will always come down to that moment when the worst possible thing to happen will happen. There is no warning to it. I don’t think it will happen this year, but you never know. The Cowboys survive off of their offensive line which features three first round picks. Dallas has the number one rushing attack in the N.F.L. First round draft pick rookie Ezekiel Elliott is turning out to be what Jerry Jones and the staff wanted. Dallas can run the ball to the Super Bowl if they wanted. The quarterback for the Cowboys rookie Dak Prescott is already playing about as well as Tony Romo ever has. He has a quarterback rating of 141.8 and only two interceptions in 8 games. Dallas is trying to bring back the dominate 90’s Cowboys team. Dak and Elliott are the future of this team. The defense is the most interesting thing about the Cowboys. The defense does not have anybody that stands out but they play hard and together. Dallas should be undefeated, but they lost in week 1 to the Giants. I think a lot of people enjoy watching the Cowboys now that they are actually winning games. If you ignore the drama of the team, you can enjoy watching these games.

By now, it is obvious that the New England Patriots have a great offense and great defense unlike Dallas or anyone else. It does not take decades to win Super Bowls. New England has had all-winning seasons since 2002. The more I get older the more I like the Patriots. Tom Brady is in the conversation for the best quarterback of all time. He is more healthy than any other 40 year old athlete on the planet. If you like a team that is willing to win no matter what, then you are a Patriots fan. The only reason to criticize the Patriots is the decision-making of the staff. Jamie Collins (Outside linebacker) was traded to the Browns for a 3rd round pick. It is a very questionable pick because Collins was doing good. Most Patriots fans think: “In Belichick we trust.” It is not the first time New England has made a wild choice or trade. New England always wins games though. The Patriots have a bunch of great steals on their team. Tom Brady, Rob Gronkowski, Malcolm Butler, Julian Edelman. Also with the addition of Martellus Bennett, the Patriots are a favorite to win Super Bowl 51.

If you watch football, immediately you can say the Atlanta Falcons are a different team from the other two teams in this article. So much so you are wondering if this team is a Super Bowl team. First and foremost the Atlanta Falcons have the most explosive offense in the N.F.L. Dallas and N.E rely on their defense to win the game. This team is built around a few things: Wide receiver Julio Jones, Matt Ryan, and playing together. The Atlanta Falcons in 2015 were 8-8. In week 11 of 2016 this year, they are 6-4. Yes, they have lost four games, but every one of those games were extremely close and some controversial. The team focuses on one thing: score points or don’t win. Julio Jones is the most important player on the Falcons. Atlanta needs Julio Jones because he is the best wide receiver in football. Without Julio Jones, that is death for Atlanta. Just like every quarterback, Matt Ryan is another piece that will determine the outcome of the game. Matt Ryan can take the team to a Super Bowl. If you watch a Atlanta game, you can buy into the Matt-to-Julio combination. Atlanta is similar to Dallas in the years before. They both have had many losing seasons. The first time these teams make the playoffs they will celebrate.

The Oakland Raiders and Seattle Seahawks are also a good teams that can make it to the Super Bowl, but I just picked three teams instead of all of them. Super Bowl 51 should be exciting to watch this year since we won’t be watching the same teams that we usually watch every year.

I hope you all enjoy my articles. Some things you may like. Some things you might hate. Or some things you might love. And that’s that, thanks for reading. Tron and Pacific Rim should be next.