Beauty and the Beast: Movie Review


Mandeville Films / Walt Disney Pictures

Karly Kos, Guest Reviewer

The new Beauty and the Beast movie has been retold in a new way. The animated classic has been turned into a real life experience. The movies has been out for awhile now and has viewers amazed.

Beauty and the Beast is about a prince who is arrogant and because of that he and his castle’s servants fall under a spell of a wicked enchantress. The spell turns all the servants into household objects and turns the Prince into a hideous beast. The only way this spell can be broken is if the Beast learns to love and also be loved in return. When the Beast imprisons an inventor for trespassing, his young daughter, Belle comes to save him. Belle saves her father by taking his place and has to stay there in the castle. The servants of the castle find this a good way to help the Beast fall in love and for Belle to fall in love with him also. With time running out they have nothing to lose and are determined to help the Beast fall in love. Belle begins to draw the cold-hearted Beast out of his isolation.

The new released version has the same core story but introduces new characters, backstories, songs, and motivations. One difference is that we get more from the Beast. We get to see before he was turned into the Beast how he was privileged. We also get to learn from the servants how the Prince has become so cruel. He loved his mother, but his stern father kept them apart. After the death of his mother, he was left with his unloving father which caused him to be the bitter man that he has turned into. We also get to hear more about Belle’s mother. The enchantress has given the Beast a magic book that could transport him to any destination in the world. The Beast shows the book to Belle and she picks the place where her father and mother lived back in Paris. There, we get to learn that her mother tragically died of the plague just after giving birth. There was also a change on how Maurice ended up at the Beast castle. In the animated version, Maurice does not mean to come across the castle and was just looking for food and shelter. In the new version Maurice decides to steal a rose for Belle, and that is what makes the Beast imprison him. Another difference in this remake is that when the final rose petal drops the staff won’t just stay in their furniture forms forever, but they’ll be then turned into inanimate objects. One last thing that was different was that in the retold version, when the servants were turned back to humans we get to see the life they had before they were stuck as household objects. At the end we see that Mrs.Potts has a husband and a lot of other characters who were missed from the town. Everybody is finally reunited with their loved ones.

There were also new musical moment for the Beast. The song was entitled “Evermore”, which takes place after the Beast lets Belle go, knowing that doing so means the curse that has been placed upon him and his servants will never be broken. From this we get to see how the Beast is transforming. He was a bitter man but has learned to let people in his life and this changed him for the better. The Beast could have not let Belle go because of the reasons that he does not want to be a Beast anymore, but does what is right. This shows that he has grown and is falling in love for Belle. The song also goes into that he does not think that Belle will ever come back for him. Belle comes back to save the Beast because she has also seen the change in him and has now fallen in love with him.

The movie has been a big success and has been praised for the amazing real life animations of the servants and the special effects throughout the movie. We get to feel like we are actually in the movie just by watching and getting into the movie. I feel with the new backstories given throughout the movie it gives us a better understanding of things. With the backstories, we get to understand why the Beast is the way that he is. We get to see that the servants of the castle were a part of the community and that they had a place in their life. I would really recommend this movie for anyone who loves the animated version. Maybe some of your questions can finally be answered.