Meet the Teacher Night

Dorcas Adekale and Kaitlyn Cooper

On September 13th, Hillcrest hosted its “Meet the Teacher Night,” during which families of Hillcrest’s students were able to meet and chat with faculty and administration in an informal setting about curriculum and exciting activities and opportunities coming up this year.  Parents and guardians were also able to meet the academic tutors, activity sponsors, athletic coaches, representatives from the Principal’s Parent Advisory, and sign up for tutoring services.

Paula L. Brown, a parent of a student was asked what she expected to get from meeting her child’s teachers, she stated, “ My daughter is a senior this year so I know the expectations will probably be raised even higher, so I want to learn what those expectations are, and how the curriculum will be more challenging. I also want to learn about graduation if the have any information about that. I would also like to meet with the principal and counselors to find out more about college application process.”

Ms. Robin Vela, the new College Counselor, was asked what type of information she wanted to share with parents, she responded by saying, “Well, I am new to the school, so I plan to give a brochure on who I am and what I do. I also wish to share information about college, and different events we will be hosting at the school.” Ms.Vela is hoping to build a tight chain of communication, especially with senior parents, so their children can become focused on their post-High School plans, while keeping the parents in the loop.

Ms. Kimberly Velasquez and Mr. Michael Shehan, Deans at Hillcrest High School, believe that the whole night will mainly provide an opportunity for their to be good communication between the teachers and parents. “It’s more about opening up avenues for communication, letting parents know who they can talk to, and just laying the groundwork for great things to come,” says Mr.Shehan giving a positive outlook on the school year.

Mrs. Brenetta Allison, science teacher at Hillcrest High School, stated that the meet the teachers event is a jump start  on parent teacher and it’s a way to connect the students to the parents and involve the community. “If you can connect with the parents, that leads the way for you to have a successful  relationship with the student.”

Meeting the teachers here tonight opened up a line of communication.

— Ms. Rouse

Dr. Maurice Young, assistant principal at Hillcrest High School, was asked what he thought about Meet the Teacher Night and he quoted, “I like meeting parents and I think parents like meeting people from the school. Many of the parents… actually have a lot of concerns where they just want to meet somebody and talk about it even if they are a parent of a Freshman. They want to know all the clubs, activities and programs the school has to offer for their child.”  He was then asked how meeting parents will help the student throughout the school year and he stated, “I think the parents will know that there’s someone in the school the can call if their child is struggling or their is doing okay and they just want to check up on them. I think the parents will feel supported and will support their children more.”

Ms. Michelle Rouse, parent of a senior at Hillcrest High School, was asked  about her experience that night and she said, “Surprisingly, there’s a lot of people here tonight. I did not expect to see so many parents, but I’m excited to see this many parents her. My son’s a senior and he complained the whole way here that he didn’t want to come because it wasn’t for seniors, but this event is for all parents. Meeting the teachers here tonight opened up a line of communication. Teachers will feel more comfortable to contact me about anything and vice versa.”

This event was a great idea. It was fun watching the teacher, parents, students, and staff interact with each other; it gave parents an opportunity to see all the wonderful things Hillcrest has to offer and for teachers and staff to build a relationship with the parents who will bond with the students and help them through the year. We like that so many parents came out. It shows that parents are involved in their child’s academic life and makes them feel reassured that their child is in good hands. This night helped pave the way for a successful school year and we’re glad we got to witness it and get insight from all perspectives.     

Hillcrest is proud to acknowledge its faculty and staff’s continued commitment to students as demonstrated by the faculty’s willingness to volunteer their time to connect personally with families and students. -ed.