Cavaliers Undergo Trade Makeover

Devin Preston, Guest Columnist

Before reading, think about this:

  • Isaiah Thomas on the Lakers
  • Channing Frye on the  Lakers
  • Jordan Clarkson on the Cavaliers
  • Larry Nance Jr. on the Cavaliers
  • Jae Crowder on the Jazz
  • Derrick Rose on the Jazz
  • Iman Shumpert on the Kings
  • Joe Johnson on the Kings
  • George Hill on the Cavaliers
  • Rodney Hood on the Cavaliers
  • Dwyane Wade back on the Heat

In the beginning of the 2017-18 NBA season, the Cleveland Cavaliers were not as good as many would think. The rotation of players are in desperate need of altering, lineup fixes, management roles all exist. Toward the end of the 2018 NBA Trade Deadline, the Cleveland Cavaliers shocked the league. The organization sent away five key players bringing in four questionable additions. Are they championship contenders now? Is this season the downfall of cleveland?  In many ways, Cleveland improved and set themselves up for a better future with or without LeBron James. According to, “A cost though was sending nearly everyone that they obtained in the off-season away at this deadline. Isaiah Thomas, who was injured for the first half of the year had not meshed with James and also was caused a stir in the locker room with Kevin Love.” Going back to whether the Cavaliers are championship contender, this question still wanders in my head. Although they have made much adjustments, this season is not the best they have had yet. However, a time for improvement and refinement was set.

When the NBA trade deadline rose in conversation, everyone looked at Cleveland. They began by shocking the league, and creating negative attitudes, sending Isaiah Thomas to the Los Angeles Lakers. This is after only spending one season in Cleveland, playing a minimum amount of games due to injury. According to Tim Bontemps on, “Many critics would say they lost the deal as Thomas was a good asset as a starter or off of the bench.” Heading into Los Angeles was a big move for him. With much support and hall of famers around him, Thomas will be a distinct backup guard or starter.

The Cavaliers entered Thursday knowing they needed to make at least one arrangement before the due date passed. After a month of losing and disappointment, blowout losses and damaging stories about the state of the locker room and the relationship between superstar LeBron James and owner Dan Gilbert was detrimental. Still, few expected this much of a shake-up, and for it to begin with a trade with the Lakers, a move that could help James and another star sign with Los Angeles this summer. But after the initial confusion over the Cavs shipping out Thomas for two young players, Cleveland kept dealing and the picture grew clearer. Over the course of an hour, the Cavs brought in Rodney Hood from the Utah Jazz and George Hill from the Sacramento Kings to go with the acquisitions of Jordan Clarkson and Larry Nance Jr. from the Lakers. In the deals, they shed Thomas, Channing Frye, Jae Crowder, Derrick Rose, Iman Shumpert, Dwyane Wade and their 2018 first-round pick. (Washington Post) After much happened, the Cavaliers could be the most expected to leave the Eastern Conference. In spite of the fact that, the celtics are in awesome remaining with star Kyrie Irving, who they exchanged a year ago. Their program is in redoing with a urgent required mix of youth, physicality, defense and shooting.

According to ESPN, Clarkson is averaging 14.5 points and three assists, and while he’s only a career 33 percent three-point shooter, the combo guard gives Cleveland a dimension in its backcourt it previously didn’t have. With a profound position in Los Angeles, Clarkson has shown much potential as a rising star with a starter role. His teammate Larry Nance Jr. is a strong defensive big man who has the ability to play above the rim and may be a better starting option than Tristan Thompson. On a group with a maturing program and little physicality, including a duo of 25-year-olds (Clarkson and Nance) will feel like a much needed refresher.  The Cavaliers got a much-needed boost to what has been one of the worst defenses in the league this season. While shaking things up in Cleveland was necessary, it was just as important that part of that shake-up included getting rid of Thomas. In the month since Thomas returned to the court after months of rehabbing his injured hip, the Cavaliers have fallen off a cliff.

It was a different story with Wade. The Cavaliers moved the future Hall of Famer and inquired as to whether he’d want to come back to Miami, where he spent the initial 13 periods of his career and where his children are still enlisted in school. Wade said he would, and the two groups immediately consented to an arrangement to send him to the Heat.

I believe the Cleveland Cavaliers did a great job overall. However, I am a huge fan of Derrick Rose and do not agree with sending him to the Utah Jazz. This is mainly because when players get sent to very low ranking teams like them, they are seen as washed out and have no potential. Derrick Rose. He has been my favorite guard since 2009. I have very high hopes for him. If Lebron James is so good, why didn’t he improve his teammates attributes. Also, I have a distinct opinion on Wade. Wade was sent to the bulls with high hopes in 2016 to reiter in his hometown. But the season didn’t go as planned and left after one rocky road. Don’t get me wrong, Rose’s season with the Cavs was not the worst. He averaged 10,2,2 in 16 games. I believe he will bounce back to his MVP self in the near future, regardless of any team he’s on.

Altogether, the Cavaliers desperately needed to change the tenor around the franchise. They have the chance to improve the biggest situation. The opportunity to modify all through the amusement. They did so, in dramatic fashion. Four players in, six players and a first-round pick out. The playoffs start in two month, for which they’ll have to build chemistry and prepare for a possible return to a fourth straight NBA Finals. Cleveland has “won” the NBA trade deadline and are back in the talks for title contenders.