Next Up Hawks: A Preview of Hillcrest Basketball


Leterious Hall and Bryce Tillery

With the highly anticipated basketball season coming up, players are very anxious to get on the court and dominate the competition. The last time Hillcrest Hawks have won a championship was 2010, but that’s in the past. The new generation are here to win again and crown Hillcrest Hawks 2022 champions. Last year, the men finished out with a record of 15-0 and the women 13-2.

I interviewed a few players from both teams Bryce “Diggy” Tillery & Amarria Jackson and asked them a few questions about the upcoming season.

How do you feel about the upcoming basketball season?

Pullquote Photo

I have high hopes for my team this year.”

— Bryce Tillery

Diggy: I have high hopes for my team this year, we’re gonna take home the championship this year.

Amarria: I feel like we’re gonna be a solid team. We’re gonna be a team to beat this season. With everyone fully healthy and back and with Cam being able to lead the team and with us working with each other the past couple of weeks, we’re gonna be a solid team.

Does basketball motivate you to do good in school?

Diggy: Yea, because I know if my grades are not good I can’t play.

What goes through your head when you’re on the court?

Diggy: I don’t think about anything really, I just think about winning the game and keeping my mind clear and focused.

Watch out for the Hillcrest Hawks Basketball teams this upcoming season with the girls season starting this week and the boys starting in December. The Hawks are ready to get back in action and win.