What is a Miracle Minute?


Damajia Daniels, Staff Writer

What is a miracle minute? Is it like a holy hour? What are you supposed to do in a Miracle Minute? I know these were all the questions we asked as we saw the signs about a miracle minute. The signs were all near the most popular places in the school which includes the IMC, the lunchroom, and the field house.  Just recently the Hillcrest National Honor Society has organized a Miracle Minute within their school. I know what you may be thinking did they pray for a minute? I too was confused by the name of the event, but in all actuality, a miracle minute is where you or a teacher can give money to assigned personnel for one minute. \

The proceeds that the National Honor Society received have gone to a shelter in Homewood. What a good gesture from the National Honor Society. The NHS led an organized event as well. For instance, the assigned personnel were members of the NHS who were each given different classrooms to collect from. The president of the NHS introduced to the entire school what was occurring, and everyone responded by emptying out their pockets. The assigned personnel collected money from their peers for one minute and some personnel even put in their own money to give to the cause. The lowest amount the personnel had ranged from ten cents to five dollars, but the highest amount raised was about thirty- four dollars. In total, the National Honor Society raised about four hundred dollars.

In addition, according to the National Honor Society’s treasurer Chanel Hamilton, Ms. Broome’s class had given the most money. Ms. Broome’s class had given their assigned personnel thirty-four dollars within one minute. Thanks, Ms. Broome and her third-period class for their proceeds. I know the shelter in Homewood would really appreciate it. They’ll even appreciate the four hundred dollars raised for them as well. I know the members were surprised to make so much with little notice to their cause from peers, but they were happy to know how much they raised. The National Honor Society did such a great job with collecting money and being respectful. 

The supervisor for this event and all NHS events & meetings is Ms. Lopez. Ms. Lopez is one of Hillcrest’s counselors. She has been a supervisor for NHS for quite some time now and has been doing such a great job. Just recently she organized a bake sale at Hillcrest’s first parent-teacher conference since we’ve been back from quarantine. Ms. Lopez was very organized in conducting the bake sale. She asked the members of NHS to buy baked goods that were sealed to sell to teachers, parents, and students. The proceeds of the bake sale however went to the National Honor Societies college fund for those in need.

It’s unsure as to how much they made for their cause, but it has been noted from their treasurer that they made quite a lot. It was hard to run an event like this during the quarantine, but that wasn’t stopping Ms. Lopez and the NHS. Even during quarantine, they ran small events to give to those less fortunate. For example, they had a clothing drive at the school just last year during E-learning. The clothing they collected went to a local non-profit store to help others.

At last, Ms. Lopez and the National Honor Society have done a great job in organizing events to help the less fortunate. Hopefully, they’ll do much more where the whole school can get involved and help out. Remember to always reach a hand out whether it be for a peer or stranger; you’re contribution can benefit so many even if it’s small.