“Blood & Water”: A Review

This review may include spoilers for this TV-MA rated show.



Lia Robinson, Staff Writer

Netflix’s show, “Blood & Water”, is about Puleng, a sixteen-year-old , who comes from a family whose eldest daughter was abducted at birth. The plot follows as she goes through many obstacles to find out if a girl, Fikile, is her older sister or not. An investigation of Puleng’s father, Julius, begins when they suspect him of having something to do with his daughter’s abduction.

After the yearly celebration/memorial for the abducted daughter, Puleng’s friend takes her to a party hosted by rich kids where she meets Wade who jokingly says that she looks like Fikile. She starts to wonder if there would be a possibility of Fikile being her sister. After Puleng gets in trouble at the school she was going to for fighting, she uses the opportunity to move to Fikile’s school to continue pursuing her new question of whether that would be her sister or not. 

Throughout the first season, there is a lot of drama and heartache. Puleng and Fikile start off cool, but an article was written by Puleng about Fikile and changed by another student to make Fikile look bad, which starts the feud between the two girls. After the article is released the girls begin going back and forth getting even with each other. Fikile exposes Puleng as the daughter of Julius, who is on trial for the abduction of his daughter, and Puleng exposes Fikile for sleeping with her swim coach. Puleng is also getting close with Fikile’s best friend, KB.

KB and Puleng start a relationship of their own and he starts to get torn between the two with all the feuding. Puleng and Fikile did try to be cool again at one point, but it was already after Puleng brought up the allegations of the inappropriate relationship between Fikile and her swim coach. Puleng talks with Fikile’s mother and more clues begin to come to light over time. In her investigation, a lot more people are involved in the case than she realizes and it starts to consume her and her parents start to wonder why she suddenly started to push so hard for her sister to be found. At the end of the season Fikile confronts Puleng again and she finds out that Puleng believes that she is her older sister. That is where the season ends. 

The story does come with lots of twists and turns, but I do feel as if at the end of season 1 they should have told whether or not the girl is her sister. The season ends with many questions, but it does make for a good build up for season 2. I will say that I give the show a 9/10, and I will be watching the next season. Very intriguing show and I feel when the truth is revealed it may not be what viewers, including myself, may think.