Snowcoming/Turnabout Week

Cheerleaders preparing to perform at the Snowcoming Assembly.

Kennedi Lyons, Staff Writer

Hillcrest celebrated Snowcoming with one of our legendary crazy weeks. Monday was Animal Print day; Tuesday was Ugly Sweater day; Wednesday was Luau Day; Thursday was Tie-Dye Day, and Friday was  Spirit Day.

Monday was like a jungle; you would see cheetah print, zebra print, tiger print, and even peacock. Tuesday should have been called pretty sweater instead of ugly sweater because everyone’s sweater was on point. Wednesday, I did see teachers wearing flower necklaces and a student wearing a straw hat. Thursday was very colorful. Friday was a great day; the assembly was fun and exciting. Saturday was the best out of the week. At the Turnabout Dance on Saturday, girls were wearing beautiful dresses, and boys were wearing trendy suits.