Movie Review: Don’t Breathe


Screen Gems / Stage 6 Films / Ghost House Pictures

Kaylah Coulter , Guest Reviewer

In the beginning of August, school is about to start, summer is coming to an end. All the teenage movies come out as the last chance to enjoy the summer. Kidnapping and torture seemed to be the trend in all the new movies. However, the film Don’t Breathe seemed to intrigue me more than any other film released. Three young adults look for a new and quick way to make a living; constantly battling things within their own lives, Rocky, Alex, and Money all find themselves trapped in the same situation. Will they make it alive, well, and in one piece?

Don’t Breathe would without a doubt get a 5/5 stars from me. I literally kept scooting to the edge of my seat, and at times would even stop breathing because the anticipation was so high. I can definitely say that if you are someone who has breathing problems, don’t watch! The film was so well put together that it will make you feel as though you were the characters in the film, and as though you needed to stop breathing. The film is very intriguing and worth the watch. Even with it being out of the theaters, I still watch it over again, still finding myself not breathing. The best part about the movie is that the characters try and challenge a blind man thinking that because he is without sight, he will be easy to manipulate – little did they know that he was way more than they could handle. The retired veteran gives Rocky, Alex, and Money the surprise that would affect their lives forever.

This film teaches the audience to never underestimate anyone because of their disabilities, and to not judge someone by their cover. The characters find this lesson out way too late, and won’t be able to ever turn back. Losing loved ones, and fighting for your life shows Rocky a bigger lesson that she will keep with her for the rest of her life. But does she realize that it wasn’t worth it and that there is always another way to succeed? The hunger and anxiety strips Rocky of the ability to see this.

Although out of theaters, whenever you get the chance to watch this film, pay attention to every little detail. Your mind will play tricks on you, allowing you to believe you are the characters in this film, I know it felt this way. The suspense made me want to know more and more, sometimes I would become so afraid for the characters that I’d have to pause it. The film ended up earning over $157.1 mill dollars in sales, and I believe that it deserved every bit. Once I watched it, I went around to people and raved about the film so much and for them to go and see the movie ASAP.

Don’t Breathe goes on my top 10 of favorites within my movie category; it’s something that I personally could watch over and over, not like many films produced.