The Hero Project (Proglogue)


Ninasymone Scott, Staff Writer

You’ve heard myths and stories about creatures such as fairies, witches, and elves. Magical creatures that you would never believe are real. Except they are, and the magical realm was hidden from the mortal world since the beginning of time.

There were also heroes before our time that walked on our earth. They were known as the Guardians of Elements. They maintained peace and balance in their realm. Magic had been used by crystals and stones to utilize positive energy, healing, and all great power for thousands of years. Crystals were the main power source for the magical realm. And so the magic realm and crystals were watched over by their guardians and protected.

Unfortunately, the higher council known as “The Divine”, wanted their share of power. The Divine wanted to conquer the world and reset it. Instead of magic hiding behind a barrier, they want to release it and restore balance. They wanted good and evil, all while playing Gods behind the scenes. The Divine urged the guardians to release half of their power to the crystals so they could be shared with the world. The guardians refused the council’s request. Their reasoning behind doing so was because humans could not bear their magic.

It would put their world at risk.

They also believed that if humans could withhold their magic, the world would turn into chaos. Magic could get into the wrong hands. The guardian’s answer was not pleasing to the council. Therefore, this resulted in an ongoing war. They fought for the next few decades. The Divine threatens to break the magic barrier and they succeed in breaking the barrier, causing their realm to rumble in destruction. The guardians fought to their last breath, eventually causing the council to flee heavily wounded. The guardians decided to release their elemental gifts to the crystals. Hoping there would be new protectors to protect their world now that the barrier was down. The guardians traveled to the center of their realm while it proceeded to rumble. Their realm nearly crumbled to bits as they formed a circle around.

Their crystals flared brighter, then the guardians rose as one, gliding silently through the air before returning to the ground. No one knows how long it’s been. They were dying peacefully on the ground as their realm completely collapsed.

That’s when something happened. Some unknown entity, possibly spirits, seemed to believe that the heroes did not deserve to die in this way. As a result, the six of them were surrounded by a soft white glow. They’d lost their abilities and were no longer alive, but they’d been given a second chance at life as Element Gods.

The radiant light of their powers rested in their crystal, waiting for the new guardians.