“For My Abuelo”

Note to self:


Every once in awhile,

Someone you know will have to walk outside that door,

And they will never return to this house again.

They didn’t go because they necessarily wanted to, 

But because everyone at one point has to.

Sometimes they’ll leave suddenly,

But you have to keep moving on because it’s the only thing you can really do.


Whenever you start to feel there’s no way of moving forward,

Think of every time he told you a story about his life in Puerto Rico,

And of the stories about your abuelita whom he loved so much.

Think of him teaching you how to play dominoes when you were younger;

Think about how much he loved you.


So, sadly, when it happens again and someone you know has their time up,

And it’s time for them to go,

Think about how grateful you are for all the memories spent with them.

And as they leave out the door, make sure to say:

“Thank you for stopping by.”

Today’s featured poem “For My Abuelo” by Layla Alexander earned 1st Place in Flight Poetry Club’s April poetry contest.