Apple vs. Android

Most people who attend Hillcrest High School have a phone, and they have it on them at all times. Some argue whether the iPhone from Apple is better than the Galaxy from Samsung. When trying to distinguish which phone is better, students should look at a number of things: battery life, camera quality, and durability.

In one study done by James Lee Phillips, Phillips talks about how someone should test the two phones for battery life. One of the first things that he points out is that when you look at battery life you should consider how much you use your phone. “Whether you’re an Android or iOS user, your battery life can increase or decrease depending upon simple settings such as brightness, volume and vibration.” This is important because if someone were to compare the two phones, they should make sure that both phones had the same settings. After making sure that both of the settings were the same on both phones the test was done by charging both phones and then testing them throughout the course of the day. “The battery life is nearly the same on both the iPhone 6 and Galaxy S6, but the iPhone’s is slightly better.” The iPhone 6 won the test for battery life.

Next the two phones were tested for the camera quality. This test was done by taking two sets of pictures. Two pictures were from the iPhone and two pictures were from the Galaxy S6. First both of the phones were checked to make sure that no filter was selected, and they both had equal settings. The two phones took the exact same picture of a banana sitting on a table. Then the pictures were compared. Both pictures had nice quality, but the iPhone 6 had more details in the picture. The picture taken by the iPhone 6 was so clear you could see the banana ripening, and you could see every detail of the wood table. Secondly, the two phones took the same picture of a man with a bread wearing a white shirt. The iPhone 6 also won this test because in the photograph every single hair from the man’s beard was visible. Therefore the iPhone 6 was the winner of the camera quality test.

Then the two phones were compared for durability. Both were dropped from the same height, and in the same area. The two phones were dropped 10 times and the results were recorded. The iPhone broke three times out of ten, and the Galaxy S6 broke 6 times out of ten. Then the two phones where both bent ten times. The iPhone 6 bent 7 times out of the ten, and the Galaxy S6 bent three times out of ten. Then both phones were dipped in water very fast ten times and tested for water damage.  The iPhone 6 got damaged two times, and the Galaxy S6 got damaged one time. A chart was then composed and a few more test were done like how much the phone weights, the slide, and grasp test. The scored were averaged and the iPhone 6 and the Galaxy S6 were aqua, both with a 4.5 risk of breaking, so neither the iPhone nor Galaxy S6 won the durability test.

So it appears that both of the phones are great but the iPhone 6 is better. Some people do not agree. For example the website, “” argues that the Galaxy S6 is better than the iPhone 6. They make some good points, but they are very biased. Of course they want to persuade people that the Galaxy S6 is better than the iPhone 6 because they want people to buy their product. This website also does not argue fair because they mention only positive things about the Galaxy S6 and only negative about the iPhone 6. In order to have a fair argument, you must compare the good and bad things about both of the phones.

In conclusion, the iPhone 6 is better than the Galaxy S6. Although both phones were equal for the durability test, the iPhone 6 won the battery life test, and the camera quality test. Some people may argue that the Galaxy S6 is better, but when you compare the facts equally you can see the iPhone 6 is better.