College Acceptance Season!

College Acceptance Season!

Crystal Hurst, Guest Columnist

Seniors, it is that time of the year! College acceptance letters are starting to pour in the mail. This is the time where you pat yourself on the back because you’ve worked so hard to get to this moment.

It seems as if yesterday we were all freshman, and the days were dragging along, and there was no end to it. Four years later and we look like back on freshman year as if it was yesterday.

Receiving a college acceptance letter is more than a great feeling. It is an accomplishment and a symbol. It represents the hard work, determination, dedication, and commitment you have put into school. High school is not easy at all, and everyone’s journey is unique. Everyone deserves to see the light at the end of the high school tunnel and hopefully everyone can.

The work does not stop here once you receive the acceptance letter. Do NOT think that things will get easier once you enter college because that is the complete opposite. Going to a college or university is life changing in its own way, and that is the time when you can put “independence” into full mode. That does not mean you can do whatever-whenever you want because being a young adult means you have responsibilities to take care. Always keep that in the back of your mind because being an African-American attending a college or university, you are beating the stereotype of receiving JUST a GED or high school diploma. Do not take this opportunity for granted because there are so many people who won’t be able to see this day or wish they could but because of the situation that they might be in, they’re not able to witness it. Education is the #1 factor to lifelong success. There are plenty of ways to get rich fast. However, just as fast as you got there, can be just as fast as you fall. Education, on the other hand, is permanent and stays forever.

And if you are one of those, who didn’t get into a specific college or university that you applied for, that is O.K. too! Think of it like this: In order to win, you have to lose. Do not let rejection letters discourage you because there are so many other opportunities out there. It’s just a matter of you putting in the work and staying focused.

One last very important tippet, apply apply apply to scholarships! Scholarships are a huge factor in college. It is free money LITERALLY, and all it takes is a few hours out of your week to go out and apply to as many as you can that you qualify for! No one wants to pay for their college tuition and because we are a minority group, we need to step out and apply for free money that can possibly keep our debt down. Also, remember when you do receive a scholarship of acceptance letter, bring it down to the counselor’s office, so they can make a copy for your recognition!