Hillcrest BPA Honors Breast Cancer Awareness Month


Pierre Tutson, Guest Writer

On, 10/12/16 the Hillcrest BPA organization participated in spreading awareness for Breast Cancer. Breast cancer is very prevalent in African-American females, and with Hillcrest being prominently African-American BPA decided to support and raise this awareness. Young women should know the real dangers of this dreadful disease.

The organization supported breast cancer awareness by wearing T-shirts that were created by their graphic Design Team Khyla Dockery, Khamari Oden, Jayla Newton, and Malennia Lewis. The shirts, “the talk of the town” at Hillcrest yesterday.  were tie-dyed with the breast cancer awareness traditional logo, a ribbon.

BPA decided to do this to bring the issue closer to home because many teens haven’t dealt yet with these issue and don’t have family members that have had the disease.

Future BPA plans include additional awareness raising projects.