Hillcrest Volleyball: A Look Back


Karima Jones

Hillcrest volleyball has now approached its ending. The season has been a very eventful one.

The beginning of the season started off with a big victory over the Thornton Wildcats. It’s exciting to say that this year’s team has had to be the best one in 2 years. Every player was able to establish a relationship with one another on and off the court.

All teams have their trials and tribulations, but not once did that stop them from doing what they do best; playing volleyball. They hit some extremely bumpy roads this season, but it only helped them realize that a good team get through anything. Junior player Tamiah said, “This season with you all has been rough, but I love you guys.”

The Lady Hawks made a remarkable comeback this year: from not winning  anything, to being the first team to place in the Hawks Classic. Four-year returning coach Courtney Stansberry told the team, “In my four years of coaching, you all have had to be the best team.”

They have played several great teams this season; though they weren’t able to receive a victory, they managed to still work together and come close to winning. Some of their best moments came from not winning; During the Bremen Invitational, the Lady Hawks didn’t win, but they played hard: playing three games with every team they came across.

Their coaches, whom the call H and K, thought that staying positive throughout the matches meant more than winning for this team.

The 2016 season tested their ability to learn how to play with each other. Having new players was kind of hard in the beginning because everyone had to get use to how the next person played or how good/bad the attitudes may have been. Mr. Houston Jones, father of senior setter Karima Jones said, “Just by the way they come together on the floor, you can see the great bond they have built with one another.” Everyone was able to see the difference in these girls, senior player and Libero Darlena York said, “I’m glad we got to make a difference where even the the freshman and sophomore players can’t wait to establish the skills we have developed.”

The ladies this year showed a remarkable change to Hillcrest Volleyball; they are all hoping that for the next year’s team will get even better.

Farewell to the Lady Hawks senior players.