“Glorious PC Gaming Master Race”


Ryan Banks, Guest Columnist

A PC is a “personal computer” that is used for processing data, browsing the internet, and occasionally playing video games. The developer of the first programmable electronic computer was Tommy Flowers (1905-1998). Tommy Flowers was an English engineer. During WWII, Flowers designed Colossus, an electronic computer to break German messages. Tommy helped win the war and changed the future world forever. I have had my personal computer for 3 years now, and I love it. The reason I have a personal computer is because I want to play video games, browse the internet and do school work. This article will be a recommendation. The main question of this is should I buy a console or a PC? Which I can answer to the people that are reading in this article.

The personal computer life is a thing that is hard to understand unless you have one. But let’s go back in time to see how it all happened first. I have been playing games since I was six or seven years old. I do not remember the names of the first few games I played, but I remember playing first on the desktop and PS2. Since I was only six years old, I did not care what was better. I was just having fun playing games.

On Christmas day when I was seven years old, my parents surprised me with a brand new PlayStation 3. The next following years were enjoyment. Especially when I installed the internet to play games with other players. Me and my friends at School would come home, turn on the game, put on our headsets and have fun: meet new people, grind in the game, and have fun. Console was the master race (2005-2011).

Now let’s talk about how I started to play personal computer games. In 2011, a new game was released Battlefield 3. The game itself was good but what made it more impressive was the Frostbite 2 game engine. For people who don’t know: A game engine is the the basic software of the video game or computer. The Frostbite 2 engine brought a lot of new things. But it was one feature that had never been done before. Sixty-four player online multiplayer games. When I first bought the game, it did not have sixty four player games because console was not able to handle the big player capacity which was disappointing because I was really looking forward to it. I did some research online about the game and found that it was not just sixty four player games that were not included. Battlefield 3 had a better performance in graphics, player capacity, vehicles, internet, and more fun online. I did not have a PC at the time, but I still played over 200 hours on console. I watched many cool YouTube videos about Battlefield 3, and I noticed that they were all played on PC. The perception about consoles changed.

It is difficult and simple to say how it all works. Already I know that many people will think like this Z=½(X=1n(5x-3y) -½ 2/2x(x+1n(5x-3y) as they go through it all and will go do something else. I would usually avoid that too because I’m not good at math, but personal computers are the new generation of gaming, and I could never go back to full time console.

There was a time when console were able to run faster than PC. If you think that now, you are wrong. The processor(CPU) is the overall speed and will determine how smooth your game will run. Example, the first computer  processor was a Intel 4004 740 KHz which was able to process 92,000 instructions. Today’s processor are multi core GHz processors capable of processing 100 billion instructions per second. All consoles have an I5 processor. Most computers come with a I5 processor, but you can upgrade it at a local store. Consoles cannot upgraded.

Another thing to know is the graphics card. A graphics card will make your game more pretty. PC games can run games at 4k HD resolution. However, you need the right graphics card to do so. These cards are usually GTX 960, 970, 980 or a titan. Some developers are already trying to take an extra step forward by creating games with a photorealistic game engine. Photorealism is when developers take pictures of actual places in real life and put them into a animation or computer game. Consoles are not capable of running photorealistic games because they do not have graphics card or the right processor.

A gaming PC does look different from a regular PC computer. Gaming PC have a bigger tower(the computer case) than a regular PC case. People don’t realize that you can actually build your own computer. It is cheaper, and you can make sure you have what you need to run the game. Note that console games require for you to pay online. On the PC, you will never have to pay for online multiplayer games, so console games are more expensive in the long run. The power supply is what gives enough electricity to everything in the computer. If you don’t have that nothing will run.

I’m going to talk about some of the flaws PC has and make some suggestions that could improve the experience. When you buy a gaming computer, make sure the desktop has what you need or build the computer yourself. Go to a local micro center if you need help with upgrades or putting it together. Christmas time is the best time to buy a computer because everything is on sale.

The biggest problem with the PC is that everyone thinks it is about comparing stats and check marks to console. No, it is about the the game and the individual experience you’re after.  If you want the deep experience then PC is for you. But if you want to play dancing games and expect your friends to crowd around a PC then you are wrong. A console would be best for you. I personally do miss one thing about the console. Understand this, there are not many people that you will find with a gaming PC. It is very rare to come across a person who is deep into the gaming experience. When I was playing console I had about 20 friends I knew in real life that had what I had. The price for a great gaming PC is around $1,500, but you can find cheap deals around Christmas when Santa Claus’s elves are making gaming computers.

Either way, I think my point has been made. The “PC Master Race” is brilliant. This is only the beginning too. Once I started playing PC, I did not go back to console. I highly recommend it.