The Conjuring: A Review


Tamryn Rockett, Guest Writer

On July 19, 2013, was released the scariest, jaw-clenching movie of all time: The Conjuring. This movie will have you on the edge of your seat, thinking about what will happen next. It is one of the most supernatural horror movies since Paranormal Activity. It is the first movie of the two that have been released recently.

It is about a couple named Ed and Lorraine Warren who are retired paranormal investigators. They are asked desperately for help by a family of seven (A wife and husband with five daughters), that have recently moved into a farmhouse secluded from any civilization in hopes for a fresh start and peace of mind that come to find out they are being haunted by demonic spirits that have lived there before them many years ago.

When Ed and Lorraine Warren reluctantly go to help them out, they discover horrifying secrets that come within that house. They find out that the people who lived there before was a mother and son. The mother was a satanist who killed her son to sell him to the devil and then she ended up killing herself to be with him. It was originally a slave plantation, so there were many spirits living on that land they purchased. So, the mother was the spirit that terrorized the family, mainly the mom because the spirit wants to break her down to the point where she kills her own family. It starts to show that she is becoming possessed by the marks the demon leaves on her body. Carolyn Perron doesn’t see it as anything harmless because she is oblivious to the fact that it is taking over her body.

The Warrens soon come to a realization after being there while the spirit has been in the act, that they will need a stronger person willing to do an exorcism on Carolyn: The Priest. The Warrens go to the church in need of extra help but because The Perron family were not a family that weren’t dedicated to God so he could not help them. The Warrens find out they are the only help that they have. So, the Warrens will come to anything to stop the demon from destroying their family even if that means putting their life in danger too.

It all comes down to their faith and the strength of family ties that will determine whether The Perron family ends abruptly or their love becomes stronger.

I, myself, am a fan of scary movies so, you would think that I would not be as frightened since I should be used to it but, that movie had me screaming every five minutes. It was bone-chilling. It made you not even want to go to sleep at night because of how scary it was. When I first heard of the movie, I just knew I had to go see it.

I would recommend this movie to anyone because it is really good and will have you on the edge of your seat. Recently, the second one has been released,which is set at a different time and place, but the same theme nonetheless. The next time you see a scary movie, think about if it will compare to anything as remotely scary as The Conjuring.