Let’s Take a Trip Back to the Future…

Cyncere Briggs, Guest Columnist

The week of September 19th, there was a handful of commotion occurring within Hillcrest High School as the classes, the halls, and even the gymnasium filled with excitement. With the ‘Back to the Future’ themed homecoming, Hillcrest students participated in an exciting week of fun.

Kicking off the week with pajama day, students show up to school in their most attractive pajama set. Onesies, silk sets, and even cartoon character themed sets.

Tuesday was jersey day. From baseball to basketball to football, lots of jerseys filled the school. The two trending team jerseys were the Chicago Bears and the Chicago Cubs. You could tell the student body really has a love for football and baseball! Sadly, there were few Blackhawks fans. But it was not just jersey day, it was also a chance for all grade level ladies to participate in a rumble better known as the infamous Powder Puff Game. Whether many may or may not know, the senior and sophomores teamed up against the freshman and junior ladies in a game of flag football. The game was a close one in the beginning with all the anxiousness and excitement going for both teams. Both teams were being coached by Hillcrest’s very own Hawk players on the football team. Running different plays and displaying skills both have to offer, there was only one winner in the end. The senior and sophomore ladies took the victory with a leading score.

Wednesday was the day many looked forward to considering the fact it was not only an early dismissal but it was also the day of the bonfire. This day was color war day where each grade level had been assigned a specific color to wear on this day. With the dismissal being at 12:15 P.M., this did not change the time of the bonfire occurring the same night at 6 P.M. Many students came out and donated one can or more for entry. There were snacks and even a DJ! This was a taste of what their homecoming would consist of.

The next day was dynamic duo day and the students absolutely went all out for it. With duos/trios including Spongebob and Patrick, TLC, and even Thing 1 and Thing 2. The students enjoyed dressing up for this day showing lots of spirit and participation this day.

Continuing the week with Friday and, of course, this is the day where the entire student body shows the most school spirit. With Friday being spirit day it gives our student body another reason to BLEED BLUE!! With face and hair spray painting going on throughout every lunch period, prices ranged from $1-$3. Giving the students encouragement that our football team defeats Bremen this night, there was also a pep rally in the main gymnasium. With all classes being shortened, there was a whole hour of fun activities as well as performances with the assembly. From poms, majorettes, flags, bands, and even cheerleading! The football game being after school at 4:30 p.m. the sophomores took on the Bremen Braves and in result came out with a win.

At 7 p.m. was the game everyone was waiting on, the Varsity players played their heart out and experienced lots of support from their fan base! With all the support and cheering the Hawks were able to pull through a win defeating the Bremen Braves on their homecoming night. Saturday, September 24th, featured the homecoming dance which began at 7 p.m. The students were definitely excited to show up dressed to impress. Many students as well as guests from a variety of different schools made an appearance to our 2016 Homecoming dance. With popular songs playing in the main gym, there was also a table set up with drinks as well as snacks set out for the students. The dance was a success, a total success, with over 400 students packing the place!

Hillcrest’s homecoming week resulted in a complete success with 0 complaints and several compliments, many students are already looking forward to next year!!