Kevin Hart: What Now?


Universal Pictures

Rayel Gilliam, Guest Reviewer

Kevin Hart has had an amazing year so far. He’s had accomplishments back-to-back-to-back. His latest movie Kevin Hart: What Now? is a real thriller; everyone is talking about it.

On Cinemascore, audiences gave the film an average grade of “A–” on an A+ to F scale. He’s taken his comedy to another level coming back with stories of his family and things he’s gone through since his last stand up Laugh at My Pain.

In this new movie he’s turned his comedy stand up into a movie. There’s tons of action violence and, of course, many laughs. There are also a few guest stars including Halle Berry, who plays Kevin’s “not so” love interest/partner in crime as they run away from the bad guys trying to take his money that’s supposed to pay for his tour.

In the beginning, Kevin and Halle are getting prepared for Kevin to play poker to win money from some businessmen. Kevin ends up winning when he was playing against a scary looking man. As Kevin and Halle are on their way out, they are escorted into a room by henchmen for the man. Kevin and Halle end up battling and defeating the bad guy and his henchmen. He changes his then bloody clothes after fighting because he has to get on stage. He opens by telling the audience what he’s been up to like getting remarried and moving into a new neighborhood. He tells about a raccoon prowling around his new house and how the raccoon was after him. He mentions the raccoon a few times throughout the performance, which is apart of his comedy style.

He was very energetic and told every detail of each story with made it funnier to the audience, who felt like they were there when it happened. This performance was probably very special to Hart since he did sell out a football stadium, a record-breaking crowd. He was also in his hometown, Philadelphia, so he felt comfortable. Hart had many visuals on the back screen during the whole performance. One of the visuals was the skyline of Philadelphia; he pointed this out during his performance. Another visual was of a giant dirty toilet hart told the audience this was how he seen the airport toilet he talked about in one of his jokes. A fan had asked Hart how long was he going to be in the bathroom because the fan wanted to take a picture, and Kevin very nervously tells audience that he lifted his feet, and the fan tried to take a picture of him using the restroom and he was terrified. Like a majority of Hart’s performances, the crowd laughed most when he describes himself in fear.

Kevin is always real with his fans, and that’s why many people in the world, including myself love his work. He lets people know that his success is a blessing that he worked for, but it didn’t change him. He talks about his family, friends, fears, and real world problems that he himself faces everyday. One of the things he talks about that really tickled me because it made me remember something that happened to myself was, when he mentioned being the only one in the house awake and hearing scary noises and trying to wake the whole house up. I’m scared easily, so when he started talking about this I was literally crying tears because of the accuracy. Hart is one of the greatest comedians out in today’s day and this movie truly showed why.

I couldn’t believe I laughed for 1 hour and 36mins straight, but I did. The movie itself budget was $9.9 million but it made $12.6 million in the box office. This movie made more in the box office than his previous stand up Laugh At My Pain.  This movie is in theaters everywhere; I definitely recommend going to your nearest Movie Theater and seeing it, you won’t be disappointed.

Fans of Kevin Hart or people who love to laugh like myself should see this movie. Kevin really out did himself, and I doubt he’s finished giving the world a good laugh.