The Hillcrest Science Club Gives Robot (Anthropomorphic) Life


The Hillcrest Science Club built their first robot this year. In the past, the Science Club has built bridges, various goos, and even a t-shirt launcher, but this year they set their sights on a radio controlled multi-functional robot. They started some preliminary research and practice last November, and began building their current model at the beginning of January.

On February 16th, at approximately 4:00 P.M., they turned it on for the first time.

Science Club Sponsor Mr. Polyak said of the test, “It works, though there is still a lot that needs to be done before we are ready for competition. We need to shorten the body and lengthen the claw armature. All the gears need to be adjusted and several sensors still need to be installed. And we have several (serious) programming glitches to work through (The claw opens every time we put the machine “in reverse” — it’s not supposed to do that.)”
The club’s biggest obstacle right now is that they still need to install the transmitter and receiver so that the machine can operate wirelessly.

Club member Jayvon Moses (‘18) said of his experience in Science Club, “When the robot was turned on for the first time, it was pretty dope. When we first started it out, there was only three of us, but then we started growing and building some really cool things like the robot.”

For more information concerning Hillcrest’s Science Club, please contact sponsor Mirko Polyak [email protected].