The Hillcrest Community Explores During STEM Night

Students use various colors and liquids to make lava lamps at Hillcrest STEM Night 2017.

Students use various colors and liquids to make “lava lamps” at Hillcrest STEM Night 2017.

On Wednesday, March 22nd the Hillcrest Science department hosted the 4th Annual Hillcrest STEM Night. Over 100 students took advantage of the opportunity to explore and engage in STEM (Science ~ Technology ~ Engineering ~ Mathematics) related challenges and activities. Activities included creating circuits, lava lamps, ice cream, and non-newtonian fluid (ooblek).

Photo by Jazmine Jean-Simon
Pierre Tutson, Junior: “Well, I found playing with the ooblek interesting. I never thought STEM Night would be that cool.”

Students also had the opportunity to explore the properties of milk, the concentration of electrolytes in various common products, the contents of owl pellets, and the unique properties of magic sand.

Photo by Jazmine Jean-Simon
Kaitlyn Cooper, Junior: “Dissecting the owl pellets was really fun and interesting!”

Additionally, students were allowed to test their sense of taste, smell, sight, and hearing.

Students, led by Amaya White, make and sample ice cream at Hillcrest STEM Night 2017.

Science can be messy, but fun was had by all who attended!

Photo by Alleya Arzu
Kaitlyn Cooper performing the electrolyte test: “This is a good scientific experiment. Now I know that vitamin water has more electrolytes than Gatorade.”
Hillcrest science teachers pose on STEM Night 2017: Paul Switzer, Marie Carr, Linda Griffin, Julie Kirk, Brenetta Allison, Jane Molek, Kristin Cardinal, Sue Baley, & Mirko Polyak