Logan (2017)


Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation

Abdul Mohammed, Guest Reviewer

Cast: Hugh Jackman, Patrick Stewart, Dafne Keen, and Boyd Holbrook

Director:James Mangold


Hugh Jackman stars as the trash talking, wild-tempered mutant, James Logan. In the third installment of the Wolverine series, Wolverine is no longer the X-men that we have come to known and enjoy as a character. Logan is an old man taking care of an out of control Charles Xavier (Patrick Stewart)  who goes into seizures and loses controls of his powers, and is also a limo driver. However, when a young girl comes into his life, Laura (Dafne Keen), Logan has to deal with a group of evil scientist trying to reclaim her and having to deal with Charles Xavier, Logan has to be the hero he once was.


Logan gives us another great action filled, adventure packed movie. This film brings us a bunch of new characters to be enjoyed. The movie isn’t a 100 percent comic book based, but the viewer will be able to get past that due to the fact that the movie is phenomenal.

When a nurse who brings a young child, claiming she needs the help of Logan to take them to a place called “Eden”, brings a whole ton of trouble to Logan’s doorstep. Logan is joined on the journey by a young spanish speaking girl, Laura and the old delusional, Charles Xavier. Throughout the movie, we witness Logan taking care of Charles, making sure he’s getting his medication to prevent him going into seizures, and losing controls of his telepathic powers. This time around, we see them taking care of each other, whether or not Logan wants to admit, but he actually needs Charles there. You’ll be able to take notice of the things Charles does to Logan in the movie to show he cares for him. I enjoyed how Charles played a father figure for Logan in the film.

The location and time period added a nice element to the movie. Director James Mangold put the movie in the year of 2029, what makes it better is the fact that he has Logan living in a secluded area. Logan has always wanted to be alone, only thing is he’s stuck with Charles Xavier and mutant Caliban (Stephen Merchant) who watches and takes care of Charles. The time period is full of violence and hatred for mutants, people just make them feel like outcast. So Logan lives off of being a limo driver and doing what he can to protect Charles, and himself.

How I feel about the Movie?

Logan gave the fans everything needed to be done, with this potentially being the final Wolverine movie for a long time. The director didn’t hold anything back, which made it successful, the movie was “R” rated which gave them permission to do what was needed to make the film go out in glory. The action scenes were gory, violent, which gives homage to the Wolverine comics. Hugh Jackman has said this may potentially be his last time playing the role of Logan/Wolverine, but as a fan of the Wolverine movie I hope he considers doing more movies playing Logan.

Overall, I’d give this a movie an 9 out 10.