Movie Review: Fences


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Kaylah Coulter, Staff Writer

Fences is a film that will have you experiencing a million different emotions within the span of two hours. This film is another Oscar-nominated movie and contained many characters that received Oscars for the heartfelt acting. Although it is still in the box office, I don’t agree with most critics that this was Oscar-worthy. Yes, the film was nice but the main idea was pointless to me; I believe these feelings root from the multiple emotions I received while watching the film.

In the movie (Troy) Denzel Washington plays a father and husband trying to barely make it by during the 1950’s. He uses the people he loves to make it day by day happily. His strong spirit is able to fight off anything come running his way, but when it involves his wife Rose (Viola Davis), he doesn’t seem to be such the strong man as he once was. Is he afraid of losing Rose? Or is she simply his weakness? During the film I had to continue to ask myself these questions, due to the idea that Troy never seemed to come out and bluntly say the answer until the end of the film. My question throughout the entire film was “Will love be enough?” I found that my answer was yes it would be more than enough, considering the events that occurred throughout the duration of the film. Rose did things for Troy only because it was her husband, and as a wife it was her duty to stay by her husband’s side through thick and thin. This is a feature of the film that I absolutely adored and admired. This characteristic is something that I believe that every woman should have; Rose did anything she could for Troy and this showed true love and a kind heart. That is a characteristic that I wish to have.

I would give this movie a 3/5 stars for multiple reasons. I am a very easy person to please, especially when it comes to movies, but for some reason I couldn’t get myself to love Fences. I’m okay with the sad and mopey movies, but this movie was depressing and heartbreaking. Once again, I put myself in some of the characters shoes, and took what occurred in the movie personally, now giving me the feeling that I no longer want to indulge in the film because my feelings are hurt. In the sense of acting, the movie was great! You feel deep connections with the characters in the film and the actors themselves.

If you are a fan of emotional movies, and viewing films that involve triumphs, this is the movie for you. However, I’m going to have to pass on Fences; it isn’t something I want to see again, and don’t plan on watching again. Fences ran up against other movies such as Hidden Figures, unfortunately they both lost to another movie, but If I were to pick between the two, I would definitely go with Hidden Figures.