Get Out: A Review

*Spoiler Warning*


Universal Pictures

Jazmine Jean-Simon, Staff Writer

About a week ago, I went to see the most talked about movie Get Out. The movie was about an African-American man named Chris (Daniel Kaluuya) who is dating Rose (Allison Williams), a Caucasian women. They have reached a point in their relationship where it was time for Chris to meet Rose’s parents. Chris was unsure about this decision, but he went through with the trip, so they took a trip upstate to meet her parents and stayed with them for a weekend. At first, Chris felt uncomfortable because he noticed how her parents were trying to accommodate her interracial relationship. As the weekend progresses, a series of increasingly disturbing discoveries lead him to a truth he would’ve never believed.

Get Out was released in theaters on February 24, 2017, and released by Universal Pictures. It was written by Jordan Peele. Peele is best known as a comedian from the Comedy Central Show, “Key and Peele.” Get Out was produced by Jason Blum, Edward H. Hamm Jr., Sean McKittrick, and Jordan Peele. The budget of the film was set out at $4.5 million. It received critical acclaim as a horror/thriller and grossed over $115 million. The opening weekend made almost $45,000. People have said that this movie has been the “biggest breakout hit this year.”

To get more into the plot, the movie starts off as a black man, Andre Hayworth, is walking down the street. He then notices a car is following him. As soon as he looks away, he is then killed and pulled into a car. The movie then moves on to the scene where Chris is in the apartment. His girlfriend Rose arrives so that they can leave to her parents’ house upstate. Chris is already hesitant because he realizes that her parents might not be comfortable with their interracial relationship. On their way, they hit a deer on accident. They get out to inspect the accident. The deer will be known as a symbol throughout the rest of the movie. When they arrive, Chris notices that all the workers on the land are African-American. He automatically gets suspicious about her family; however, she insists that they’re nowhere near racist. As the movie goes on, Chris notices a lot of specific warnings. He also learns that Rose’s mother is a hypnotist. One night she hypnotizes him and puts him in a dark place.  Chris must now try to escape this horrid family, before he gets hypnotized and loses his soul forever.

In my opinion, the movie was very creepy. I don’t enjoy thriller and horror movies, so I wouldn’t recommend this movie to people. Throughout, the movie I was confused and bored, because I was unaware of what all the symbols meant. So, as the movie came to an end, it started to make more sense. I am still unaware of why the family picked black people, but some sources have said there was an obvious reason. Overall. I didn’t enjoy this movie, because I’m not really into horror and thriller movies.

Although I didn’t enjoy it, I feel like people who love horror films would enjoy this movie. They would probably have a better opinion since they’re into this type of genre. It was also great to see Jordan Peele step out of what he usually does. He usually is in the comedy field, and it was weird to see him step into horror. Although I didn’t enjoy it, I think the story was well written. Some details should’ve been clearer in order to enhance the plot.