Hillcrest Band Remembers Hawk Great


Kayla Weddington

Hillcrest students and alumni release balloons in memory of Mr. Keith Anderson.

Kayla Weddington, Staff Writer

On January 7, 2017, the school district lost a department supervisor, a friend, and a legend. Mr. Keith Anderson was a father to many, an advocate for the fine arts department and one of the biggest influences in Hawk history. He truly was a legendary educator, teacher, and volunteer. Countless times he went above and beyond his job, pulled by his love and passion for the band and for music. The sole reason that the band is still standing to this day is because of Mr. Anderson’s tireless efforts to make sure that the band was well looked after. For that and so many other reasons, the school will continue to honor his legacy for years and years to come.  

Last night, September 21st, the Hillcrest band honored Mr. Keith Anderson’s birthday with a celebratory balloon release in the horseshoe. He was celebrated on a warm Thursday night during a long band practice before the homecoming game.

Several alumni including Latoya and Sherlyn Washington gathered with the band and shared memories and stories of the band director and close friend who had passed on. Mr. Anderson had been working in the district since 1993 and had touched the hearts of many staff and students at all four schools. The ceremony ended with tears, laughs, and a ‘Happy Birthday’ salute to the man who held the band together for over three decades.

Hillcrest would like to keep its hand and heart extended to the Anderson family who lost their father, husband, and sibling. It is never easy to lose someone so meaningful, but it is important to remember them. So the next time you pass the band showcase and look at the numerous trophies and plaques and medals, remember Mr. Anderson: one of the the toughest Hawks we will ever know.