Transformers:The Last Knight


Paramount Pictures

Kaylah Coulter, Staff Writer

Coming from a Transformers fanatic, I can honestly say that this movie was by far the worst movie in the series. It starts off having the viewers confused and wondering where the original cast is. The film was okay overall; however, it needed a lot of work. In my opinion, the movie deserved a ⅗ stars, only because there was so much wrong and confusing about the film. If you are someone who doesn’t mind sitting and watching a dragged-on movie for 3 hours, then this is the movie for you.

As many know, the first few Transformer films starred Shia Labeouf and those were the movies that sold the most and were remembered the most from it’s fans. Every movie before had a motive, and it got right to the point whereas this movie did not. If I recall correctly, the movie never really had a motive and it seemed to be all over the place. There have been some movies in the past that were mediocre, but this one was by far the worst, in regards to getting to the point. The idea of the movie was that Optimus Prime was nowhere to be found even though he was the leader of the Autobots; for majority of the movie, you weren’t aware of this matter. As a matter of fact, Optimus Prime wasn’t mentioned until about an hour and a half into the movie.

I give this movie a ⅗ stars only because there was no motive, and the movie was way too long. I have always been one to watch the Transformer movies over and over again; in fact, I can recite the words to all 4 of the original films; however, for this one, I don’t believe I will even watch it for the second time. If I do, it will be to try and understand what the movie is really about not necessarily for enjoyment. Another reason why I give the film ⅗ stars is because the new characters were poorly introduced. In the previous films, you knew the characters because somewhere in the film, each character had their special moment, and they were introduced.

I would definitely say if you are a Transformers fan, you should watch the movie one time, just so you can gather your own opinion about the movie. The movie did very well in the box office; however, it received bad reviews. The ending of the movie made it seem as though they were creating another film following The Last Knight. Based on the reviews, I expect the filmmakers to create a better movie and have a shorter and easier to understand film. I don’t believe I will watch the next film because the original characters won’t be there.

Transformers: The Last Knight was my least favorite film out of the Transformers series, and I believe if they were to continue to make the films, I myself will not continue to watch them. I believe the filmmakers know they lost a lot of their fans from this film alone, and hopefully, they will try to make up for it with the next films to come. I just wish the movie could have been how it used to be when the series started.