What’s With All the Racket?


Principal Simms and Athletic Director Wunar send off Mia and Kayla with best wishes as they head to State.

Courtney Hollis, Staff Writer

Hillcrest High School Girls Tennis recently had its first State qualifiers in as many as four years. This accomplishment was made by seniors Mia Jones and Kayla Weddington. This first doubles team beat everyone in their sectionals and was able to make it down to state.

Although they have came a long way, their journey is not stopping just yet. From them being
thrown on varsity as freshmen at the last minute, to them being in second place in conference as sophomores, then to the unspeakable junior year, and finally to becoming State qualifiers senior year. Hard work really paid off for these two.

These ladies have made it a long way and are still pushing on. On the trip down to the State final, they have support from their two coaches, Christopher Hennessy and Robert Fantozzi. They also have support from two Junior teammates, Courtney Hollis and Somijah Davis.

Now for personal statements about the state qualifiers from Coach Hennessy, Coach Fantozzi, Mia, and Kayla.

Coach Hennessy: “It is a combination of four years of work by those two, they were paired together as freshmen and stayed together all four years and this is the results and reward for the hard work they put into their game.”

Coach Fantozzi: “I think it is a great thing, I can not wait for them to have such a great experience here, I hope they go out and play well tomorrow and that they have fun and remember it for the rest of their lives.

Mia: “I have no words for this accomplish, I am just happy that Kayla and I made it.”

Kayla: “We just worked really hard off season and on season so I know we deserve to be here, I am just really glad that we get the opportunity to come out and play as hard as we can.”

With State tomorrow the intense and the pressure levels are high. Will Mia and Kayla be the first to win State for Hillcrest High School Girls Tennis?

We will just have to wait and find out.

Hillcrest High School Girls Tennis also placed in sectionals as a team for the first time in eleven years. Fall of 2017 seem to be a good year for Girls Tennis.

Will this be the start of a winning streak? As a whole, this team has made multiple wins over this fall season. They also have represented their school nicely being full of that glorious hawk pride.

Congratulation ladies, I wish nothing but the best for you guys in your upcoming life challenges.