New Art Installation by Kris Lyons

Kris Lyons


Kris Lyons with Art Teacher Mrs. Adebesin-Mason

The Hillcrest IMC has a new piece of art, and it was created by a Hillcrest student.

Kris Lyons is a frequent IMC patron and a talented artist.  In the past month, he has been busy building a new art sculpture that combines his love of the library and art.  The result is a new Hillcrest art sculpture titled, Universal Globe.  This art piece was inspired by the Universal Studios logo because Kris believes that the IMC offers information and books about the world we live in.   

The Hillcrest Universal Globe sculpture reflects his creative talent of working with cardboard, wood and foam.  This AP Studio Art project is part of his college board portfolio.   According to Ms. Jamilah Adebesin Mason, Kris’ project is yet another example of his impeccable school spirit.  His bright and happy personality comes out in this amazing Universal Globe piece.   

Universal Globe was a cross curricular project that combines Kris’s work in Mrs. Adebesin Mason’s AP Studio Art and Mr. Schneider-Wind’s Applied Engineering classes.

The IMC celebrated the installation of the Hillcrest Universal Globe art work on Thursday, November 9th.