Is Fashion Repeating Itself!?


Kayla Gunn, Staff Writer

The Different Centuries of Fashion

Fashion is a statement for some people, and for others it’s really not as important. “I don’t do fashion, I am fashion.”(Coco Chanel) In order to have fashion, you have to have style. Style is the most important part of fashion. Style is what separates you from everybody else. It shows your individuality. “Style is an expression of individualism mixed with charisma. Fashion is something that comes after.”(John Fairchild) 

In the 80’s the fashion was different from the 90’s which was/is different from the 2000’s. But now that we are in 2017, fashion may be repeating itself from the 80’s and 90’s or maybe even the early 2000’s.

In the 80’s, fashion was unique. People started adding their own style to the fashion which made it unique. The 80’s was a decade of bold style, colors, and silhouettes (permed hair included), with trends spanning ripped tights and leather to polished over-sized blazers, and style icons ranging from Joan Jett to Brooke Shields. Famous singers such as Beyoncé & Destiny’s Child and Aaliyah, and even actor Will Smith, were known for the big and baggy overalls. 

In the 90’s, fashion continued to be unique, but expanded more. The baggy clothes still were in style, but they started to wear more fitted clothes: high-waisted jeans, tube tops, platform shoes, hip huggers, jumpers & shirts tied on the waist, popper joggers, studded belts, velvet, and all denim. That’s when the fashion designers started coming out: Adidas, Tommy Hilfiger, Phat Farm, Pelle Pelle, Fubu, COOGI, Nike, Calvin Klein, Ecko Unltd, Guess, Nautica, and FUBU: the most popular brands around that time.

Now in the early 2000’s, more designers started coming out such as FILA, K-Swiss, Reebok, Baby Phat, Sean John, Rocawear, and Apple Bottom – more shoe designers than clothing designers.

But around 2010 fashion started changing. Fashion started getting repeated back to the 80’s. People stopped wearing the fashion from the 2000’s. But this generation brought it all back and tied all three generations together. People started wearing the baggy clothing and the overalls from the 80’s, and the tight tube tops and platform shoes from the 90’s along with the fashion designers, Adidas and Tommy Hilfiger. And now that we are in the year 2017, people started wearing FILA and Reebok again from the early 2000’s.

Half of me thinks this is because famous singers and actors are starting to wear it again which is making all the kids in this generation want to wear it, but another half of me believes fashion is repeating itself.  “WHAT GOES AROUND, COMES AROUND”


TLC and Destiny’s Child inspired the baggy clothing in the late 80’s and  early 90’s. They started to wear the big baggy overalls with designer shirts under them. And then later on came Aaliyah, who also started to follow the fashion in the baggy clothes which formed most of the 1990’s fashion. TLC were the type to wear the MC Hammer-type pants. 

In the late 90’s and 2000’s, people started to form tight clothing such as skinny jeans, tube tops, and jumpers an shirts tied to the waist. And ever since, people have been wearing tight clothing. Beyoncé had a clothing line, House of Dereon, which fascinated women to wear skinny jeans. Then other clothing lines started coming out with Skinny jeans, and before we knew it, the clothes get tighter and tighter.