The Foreigner: A Movie Review


STX Entertainment

Eriola Ayo, Staff Writer

The Foreigner is a 2017 British-Chinese action thriller released first in China on September 30, 2017, then made its debut in America on  October 13, 2017. Directed by Martin Campbell and written by David Marconi  based on the 1992 novel The Chinaman by Stephen Leather. This movies stars a mix of British-Chinese cast of Jackie Chan, Pierce Brosman, Charlie Murphy, and Orla Brady. Production by the Fyzz Facility, Sparkle Roll Media, Huayi Brothers Pictures, and Wanda Pictures. The Foreigner grossed 139 million worldwide.

In this movie Quan (Jackie Chan) a seemingly normal businessman with a mysterious past goes on a revenge fueled mission. To find the killer of his precious daughter Fan (Katie Leung) when she is killed by an act of political terrorism. When suddenly things start to take a twist and the cause seems to to linked to the Prime Minister Liam Hennessy (Pierce Brosnan) past.

The movie begins on the London street as Quan (Chan) takes his daughter (Leung) to a department store. When suddenly as she crosses the street to enter the store a bombing occurs.

The ones taking credit are a by a group calling themselves the “Authentic IRA”, a distraught Quan losing everything he had left seeks revenge. He takes his first steps to identify the bombers by trying to bribe Scotland Yard officer Richard Bromley (Ray Fearon)  for their names. Though Quan is not successful  Bromley (Fearon) refuses the money and will reveal no information.  Quan is persistent though he next approaches Irish deputy minister Liam Hennessy, a former leader of the IRA forces. Hennessy (Brosnan) denies having anything to do with the bombing but Quan does not believe him. Quan is not satisfied and refuses to be turned away. He decides to be forceful and take an extreme way to get Hennessy’s attention. He sets a bomb up in his office bathroom to make his presence known and what he is capable of. It is discovered that quan is a former Vietnam war special forces soldier. Through these chain of events Quan is stuck in a game of cat and mouse between himself and Hennessy to find out the truth of his daughter’s murder.

The Foreigner received a 7.2/10 on IMDb and a 62% on Rotten Tomatoes. It has received many mixed reviews and sometimes been noted as the knock off Taken. In my personal opinion this movie would receive a 10/10. It was an action movie that I would definitely  pay to see again. It kept my attention the whole time. There was never a dull moment it will have you at the edge of your seat at all times. I highly recommend this movie as a must see action film.