A Quiet Place: Film Review


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Kevin Bautista, Staff Writer

A Quiet Place was released on April 6th, 2018, with critical acclaim from everyone when it came out. It well deserved all the praise it earned, at least from my view of it. I’ve had the pleasure of seeing the movie, and I could not emphasize how suspenseful the movie is. It fulfills its goal as a thriller to an extent where it just blows it out of the water. The concept itself is well executed and rarely is dropped in order to keep the viewer on their toes. What is a surprise is the cast, as it features Emily Blunt, an actress from The Girl in the Train and Edge of Tomorrow and John Krasinski, who is well know due to his acting role as Jim Halpert from The Office series.

The concept itself has been explored before; a situation where the main characters have to be silent in order to live to hide from the monster that’s sensitive to sound. A movie that may come into mind is Don’t Breathe, a movie that came out in 2016 where a blind man hunts down people who have trespassed his house. The major difference between both of these films is their emphasis on the suspense of the movie and how well executed it is done.

A Quiet Place is a movie that keeps the viewer at suspense from the start, as everything is silent and eerie. The starting scene places all the rules that the movie uses to show the danger the family is in and how limited the family is in communicating with each other. No one talks, and everyone is barefoot. The lack of noise makes everyone accustomed to the silence, making any noise, within the movie or just with the audience, sound more impactful and dangerous. A pen drop can send shivers down the spine. It is difficult for anyone to want to make a sound until the end of the movie. This is how well the movie is able to create a world of silence, making the viewer follow by the rules of the world within the movie.

Sign language is the main way of communicating and it helps the viewer feel immersed into the movie. It is used only in conversations, in which the movie has a few of. These conversations do feel like breaks from the suspense, but they are never too long to distract the audience from the danger. After the dialogue, the movie never feels as if it is giving a break for the viewer, making the viewer hold their breath. Especially as soon as the viewer takes a look at the monster, a terrifying design that well represents the dangers it presents for the main characters. The design itself shows how the creature is sensitive to sound, as its ear is huge and can hear any vibrations in the world around them. These creatures are so quick, that it takes seconds to reach their target. While they are blind, it doesn’t take much to have them figure out the source of the noise. This is what makes the creatures so terrifying, as they create a presence that they are always lurking within the shadows, waiting for their time to pounce. Their presence is what makes this movie so great at being a thriller rather than a horror, and it is executed incredibly well.

In short, A Quiet Place is a incredible thriller with a well executed premise that makes the viewer hold their breath. There are moments when the movie gives the viewer a chance to give themselves a breather, only to bring the thrill back up. It is worth to watch while it is in theaters, as the audience is silenced from the start of the movie. One of the better movies to come out in recent years for thrillers.