“Wassup v. What’s up”


Briana Kazee, Staff Writer

People use a variety of words in their everyday life. These words can include vulgar, descriptive, and diminishing words in their daily life. In the past, words were used to measure one’s intelligence depending on the extent of their vocabulary. Words were a use of self-expression or communication in a school, work, or home environment.

The purpose of communication remains the same to illustrate one’s emotions, but the persona has changed. I have noticed that the use of words change depending on the generation. This has not been the best way to come across because the modern generations has created more use of slang words they can interfere with daily vocabulary. For instance, texting. How many times have you texted “wyd” or “lol” instead of typing out the word’s entirety. The shorten slang has caused many people to become reliant on autocorrect, and the decline of the proper use of grammar has lead to a complete decline in the modern world.

This behavior could be enabled by the use of Google as well. As the internet has become popular and more commonly used for information, then the use of dictionaries has been put on the back burner for most schools and workplaces. This has lead to people becoming reliant on someone else doing the work for them rather than actual learning.

I think that the use of slang in the modern generation has impacted social situations tremendously. In the past, people were generally friendly and rather comfortable getting to meet others and make acquaintances. In the modern world, the simple act of making friends, or being forward towards others frightens them. The heightened sense of rejection has overtaken the world. The more use of slang has lead into social conversations as well.  This has lead to most people being on their phones being more comfortable having a conversation rather than face to face interaction.

For example, the circumstances of dating. In the modern world, most people have been subjected to internet dating, or consider several stages of talking to a person first before it can be considered dating someone. Another example would be new generalized apps specific for chatting with people online. The social awkwardness wants to be avoided because people have such a heavy reliance on their phones, that not being able to hold simple conversations is starting to become a huge problem. This problem isn’t seen in just the interaction with technology, but it can be seen in the music today as well. The music in the world has changed in the extent of vocab. Mainly in the category of Hip-Hop, rappers use many words that don’t make any actual sense in their song, but because they have popularity and possibly a good beat then society passes them on in the world. The younger generation models what is posted on media, commercials, and daily life. This is why the use of shorten vocabulary has struck the world majorly because the use of slang has converted into songs in such a manner that everyone deems it okay.

In contrast, rappers like Tupac, who actually have written songs containing meaningful messages rather than a use of different phrases and words thrown together on a beat to sound good, have gone out of style by the work of current Hip Hop artists.

Although a person’s vocabulary is said to extend throughout time, I think that the use of slang has shorten its growth because of the reliance on technology that has not only caused social anxiety, but has diminished the original purpose of Hip Hop culture and society’s growth overall.