The 411 on Classes for Freshman


Briana Kazee, Staff Writer

For the Freshmen coming in to graduate in the year of 2022, enrolling into classes for the year can determine your success of the year. Honestly, deciding the academic level of your classes depends on your mindset and your goals for the year.

In my opinion, the best advice anyone can give you is to stay true to you. I encourage you all to challenge yourselves academically. Sometimes, disagreeing with your parent or counselor on what’s the best option for you is necessary for your happiness and development. You don’t want to take a class because it will make everyone else happy unless it meets all of your requirements.

From experience, freshman year I tested into all Honor classes at HF, but the conflict of being out of my comfort zone versus being challenged was a huge change for me when enrolling in classes. The thought of being out of my comfort zone was making me afraid that I wouldn’t be able to meet the standards. It’s a huge change especially to just be starting in high school. Overall, I chose being more academically challenged. The classes challenged me for sure, and I was very grateful that the teachers actually worked with me for extra help if asked. I don’t regret my choice because taking these classes has definitely prepared me for college, and I’ve got to meet great people over the past four years.

From experience, the transition from eighth grade to high school is not as easy in regards to adjustment. The course load and making time for the work is definitely something you have to get used to, but after you find some sort of balance, then it will get easier as the year passes by. Some advice would be not to procrastinate and try to be there for attendance daily because missing one day of school in an honors class is similar to missing a week’s worth of lessons. It will be very difficult to catch up and maintain the lesson that is currently being taught, so I would advise you all not to miss class.   

If you’re thinking about taking more advanced classes, just be aware that they are time consuming, and they require hard work and dedication. How much effort you give will definitely affect the outcome of your grade. Although most high school teachers are understanding depending on the situation, they will not be lenient for missing or late work. High school teachers, especially AP, will not coddle you. They will allow every mistake or failure to be completely your own.

On the other hand, not taking any advanced classes will still allow you the same education and challenge in life. It’s okay to start off small. Another piece of advice would be to be aware of personality clashes. In the classroom, you might find that you didn’t really like the class, or you’re really struggling and would like another option. The best way to assess the situation would be to talk to your counselor right away to weigh your options. Honestly, your counselor in high school for these four years should be your best friend because they will definitely have your best interest at heart.

At Hillcrest, I can say that the counselors are really supportive, and they will work with you. Whatever you decide, take it seriously and give it your all. In doing so, you will always succeed because it doesn’t matter how you start it’s how you finish. Cliché,  I know, but it’s the truth.