“I’m Thankful” & “Time To Say Goodbye”

Anna Acres and Jennifer Bravo

The poetry shared today was written by Anna Acres and Jennifer Bravo. Both students are juniors; this is Anna’s first poetry submission. Jennifer has been a member of Flight Poetry Club throughout her high school career. Some relevance to our own lives can be found in all three poems.

Also, enjoy three sketches from talented Hillcrest freshmen. Stay well!

I’m Thankful” by Jennifer Bravo

I’m thankful for the obstacles I’ve been able to confront
Those moments and phases 
It’s what has allowed me to build a better version of myself
The opportunity to set back my mistakes and learn from them


I’m thankful to have a boundary and to be stable 
Being able to have the satisfaction of having a family 
I’m grateful to be able to create memories day by day with them
What I value most is the loyalty I’ve received from them 
I’m thankful for every bond I’ve created
But also of the damage that has come from it at times
I’m grateful to not be so blind about everyone’s intentions 
Being able to see everyone’s intentions is what has characterized me 
I’m thankful that I’ve been able to see everyone’s true colors
I’m grateful for everyone who’s in my life at the moment

Time To Say Goodbye” by Anna Acres

How can you just forget?

All those memories suddenly faded

Names of loved ones slowly forgotten.

Slowly forgetting who i am

Your own daughter erased from your brain

All those times of laughter gradually wasting away

You weep and you don’t even know why

You reach for a stranger’s hand in hopes of remembering

Your whole memory fading away

Family joy just isn’t the same

Being reminded to eat because you forget

When homecare just isn’t working anymore

Becoming lost and afraid

Being left in someone’s hands isn’t welcoming

Becoming the burden doesnt feel nice

Missing home but unable to get back

When mediciation becomes too much to handle

Pill after pill and nothing is working

With no cure comes no hope

When simple goodbyes become more than they use to

When memories aren’t memories anymore

The tears dont stop no matter the time

Clinging onto life no matter what

Say I love you when you can

Because you don’t know

When it’s time to say your last goodbye

Perception” by Jennifer Bravo

Everyone is born different 

We’re all born different 

Different hair, eyes, skin color…

We’re all born unique 


We’re all born beautiful 

We’re just blind 

Blind to see it, but it’s all around us

The greatest tragedy is that 

Someone is influenced to believe they aren’t