Meet Kappa: A Triple Threat Entrepreneur


Kappa wears black timberland boots, black pants, and a green shirt from her line: Duffle Bagg Co. (Photo by Essence Knighten-EL)

Essence Knighten-EL, Staff Writer

In this section of the Hawk Eye, I will be interviewing Nina Harper, also known as Kappa, who is a DJ, aspiring rapper, and clothing designer with her own line—Duffle Bagg Co. The sixteen year old multi-talented entrepreneur is able to accomplish all of this while balancing school obligations. Between running her own businesses and completing school work, Kappa still has responsibilities around the house to take care of such as chores, sometimes watching her younger brother, and taking care of their two dogs. During her busy schedule, I was able to obtain an interview with her.


During the interview I asked her a few questions about her businesses as well as her career and here is what she had to say to respond to that:

Essence: “Let’s start off with the rapping. How did that begin?”

Kappa: “It all really started in 6th grade…that’s around the time where in reading classes they have you do a whole bunch of poems and stuff so that’s really where it started. But I’m in love with music, like music is my passion…”

Essence: “Is there anybody that possibly inspired you to take it seriously?”

Kappa: “Yeah. Well, I would say yes and no…I listened to Tupac, Eminem, Lil Wayne, Lil Durk, and King Von…so I guess I can say I really looked up to them for inspiration.”

Essence: “Is there anybody else in your family that makes music?”

Kappa: “Yeah, my little brother, my big brother, my cousin Russell—he’s real nice when it comes to rapping, he’s slight, I love his music—my god dad…and my sister.”

Essence: “What inspired you to get started with the clothing line?”

Kappa: “I’ve always wanted something of my own, something I can see other people wearing and be like ‘aw that’s mine, that’s something I made’…so I started Duffle Bagg Co. I’m a bag getter… I’m chasing this bread…”

Essence: “How did you begin DJ-ing?”

Kappa: “My uncle is a DJ. When I was over my grandma’s house…he would take me out to their parties…when he would get tired of Dj-ing I would come in and take over and keep the beat going…”


Within the interview Kappa also discussed how she was able to balance all of her businesses with her schooling and this is what she said:

Essence: “How is it trying to balance all of this with school?”

Kappa: “It’s stressful, I had a lot going on recently…and it was hard balancing that off, because I’m always busy and I have to keep myself that way ‘cause I gotta get stuff done…I gotta keep moving.”


See the complete interview here:

To see products of Kappa’s clothing brand you can go on Instagram and search up: dufflebaggco, kappascustoms, or baybgirl_essy11

To listen to some of Kappas music videos click the link below: