Class of 2021: A Look at the Past

Michelle Jennings, Staff Writer

As a senior, I speak for my entire class when I say this year is nothing like we had imagined it would be. While we grieve over the unfortunate circumstances of our final year, we can appreciate the experiences that high school has given us that has promoted our individual growth. Looking back at my freshman year, I desperately wish I was able to have a conversation with my younger self. At the tender age of fifteen, I sought after the most redundant things in life. I valued making others happy,  rather than myself, and took my freshman year for granted. 

I asked several high school students  one question: “If you could, what is something you would like to tell your freshman self?” After much reflection, these are the responses I received:

“If I could tell my freshman self anything, it would be to enjoy freshman year to the FULLEST. I had no clue then, that that was the best it was going to get. I’d tell myself to focus, and to keep outside distractions like relationships and emotions separate from school because you can mend those things and reconcile them and heal at any time – but you can NOT get that GPA back to where it was once it goes down. I would tell her books before boys and put the phone away in class Lol. If I could talk to my freshman self, I’d warn her that she’d face unimaginable trials and tribulations during these 4 years of High school, but that it’d fly by in the blink of an eye. I’d tell her that she’d change, and to not care about people’s opinion so much because high school is just high school. I’d tell her never miss a sporting event, pep rally, or any after school festivities because it’d be those things that I have to look back on and cherish. I’d tell her to take more videos and more pictures, as today’s circumstances would have NEVER been foreseen. As I sit here and spend my senior year at home, in my bed, I wish I would’ve appreciated every moment so much more.” –Desiree Dade 21’ 

“I would tell her to stay focused and get stuff done as soon as she gets it, not two weeks later. I would tell her that although it seems hard right now freshman year is the easiest year of high school and to take advantage of that.” – Mariah Bates 21’ 

“I would have told myself to get a mentor and have someone to hold me accountable because I couldn’t do it all by myself. I would’ve told myself to work harder and find more time to enjoy life. I would’ve told myself that not everything can be done alone.”  – Deborah Adekale 21’

High school flies by so quickly, so try new things. Have the courage to be uncomfortable.

— Talitha Allen

“Me being a senior and looking back, if I was able to give my freshman self any advice it would be to cherish the moments and try not to be so serious. Enjoy everything, and appreciate being a kid. Also, I would let her know to be thinking about college and what she wanted to do, making sure she’s prioritizing but not overly stressing. People’s opinions really don’t matter; everyone will have this different perspective but the only one that truly matters is yours. Don’t let other people control you because of their opinion. High school flies by so quickly, so try new things. Have the courage to be uncomfortable. In the end, it will make a huge impact on you as a person. And lastly but not least, be true to yourself, love you for you. Be kinder to yourself and not so harsh. It’s okay to make mistakes.” – Talitha Allen 21’