“Power Book II: Ghost” The Apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree


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Xzavier Jones, Staff Writer

Power Book II: Ghost is the sequel to the hit show Power which ended earlier this year after six amazing seasons. The sequel takes place immediately after main character Tariq St. Patrick’s mother is arrested for the murder of his father James “Ghost” St. Patrick. With Tariq’s mom being in jail awaiting trial for a murder she didn’t commit and his father dead, Tariq must learn how to navigate his way through college on his own. After six amazing seasons about the life and family of a crooked businessman, the sequel to Power allows the audience to see the world through Tariq’s eyes and appeals to a younger audience. 

What is Power Book II: Ghost?
Power Book II: Ghost was created by Courtney A. Kemp. It tells the story of Tariq St. Patrick who now has to attend college and navigate through the streets of New York all alone. Between college classes, doing homework for a star athlete, and finding ways to pay for his mom’s expensive lawyer; Tariq has more than enough tasks on his plate to juggle. Being that his father was the infamous Ghost it’s no surprise that Tariq falls into the life of selling drugs to make money. With the guilt of killing his father on his mind, Tariq has to fight the demons in his head and the naysayers known as his teachers in school. When he gets entangled with a notorious crime family, things become harder for him than they already were. Will Tariq continue down his father’s path or will he finally find his way? 

What I Took From This Show
Though the show’s focus is about drugs, crime, and many other things, I also saw many things that can also be taken away from this. Like Tariq, I also lost my father, and I can understand how it can be navigating through a world without much guidance. I feel as though the show creators made a good decision to make a sequel based on Tariq. Dedicated Power fans have seen Tariq grow up and have seen him become the spitting image of his father that he is today. On the other hand Tariq’s mom, Tasha is trying to be a parent to Tariq behind bars which you can imagine is anything but easy. Since Tasha did take the fall for her Ghost’s murder, it can be tough sitting behind a cell for a crime you didn’t commit. Most viewers view Tariq as a bad person, or a monster, but I don’t. I see Tariq as a teenager from New York who was surrounded by nothing but bad examples and so he became exactly what he saw even though he tried so hard not to be like his father.

My Overall Opinion
Besides music, I thoroughly enjoy watching television. I feel as though television allows me to live vicariously through characters and be able to relate to people I don’t know. With Power Book II: Ghost I feel I enjoy it the most because it’s my favorite type of television series. Since I was young, I was always in love with books, shows, and movies based in New York. I feel this show truly allows me to see New York life for what it is, not the glitz and glamour but the grit and the gore. It’s perfect for teenagers, those who are in their twenties, and those who are overcoming obstacles in life. Although I do recommend watching the show, whoever wants to watch it should absolutely watch the prequel to this series first.