The Person Who Changed My Life


Malik Brandon, Staff Writer

Normally, when it comes to people who change a person’s life, one would might think  about a father or mother – maybe a sibling or extended family member. But for me, it’s one of my friends. Now, throughout my life, I’ve had many good and bad friends. But the friend that has probably changed my life the most is, without a doubt, Brandi and there are many reasons why.

I met Brandi back in 8th grade, but we weren’t friends. In fact, she’ll tell you that everyday she asked me “are we friends,” and I would say “sure.” Every day I would sarcastically say “sure” to her all through 8th grade and into freshman year. But freshman year, I started talking to her and hanging out with her and noticed that she was a cool person. She began to take me out of my comfort zone because back then I was a very quiet and shy person. But when I was with her, I started to open up to other people instead of keeping to myself.

Brandi did more than just help me out of my shell. Back then, I also didn’t really care so much about others. Sometimes my friends would tell me something that would happen to them and I wouldn’t even take into consideration their feelings. But for some reason, when I met Brandi a part of me started to care about her because I learned that she truly cared about me. I think the first time I knew this was when I was dealing with a lot of family issues all at one time with both my siblings and my parents all arguing at once. She called me that night and helped me calm down. Even though it was small, if it wasn’t for her, I could’ve ended up in an argument with them. After that encounter, we were able to talk about anything with each other and if either of us were dealing with something personal we were able to talk about it with each other comfortably. I was able to help her in ways some people couldn’t and she would do the same for me.

Brandi even gave me the opportunity to have life experiences I probably would’ve never had without her. My parents are very protective, but also have a lot of rules. Even at the age of 17, they still won’t let me go out of the house with friends without an adult. But because of Brandi, Junior year I went to homecoming for the first time, and, I’m not going to lie, I wouldn’t have gone if she didn’t ask me to go. She’s actually part of the reason I’m going to Prom this year. But Brandi has helped me experience things I wouldn’t have thought I ever do, and I really appreciate her for it.

Even to this day, Brandi and I are still best friends. We talk at least once a week if not more and she cares about me as much if not more than I care for her. I don’t know who I’d be without her and I don’t know who’d I meet if it weren’t for her.

Brandi has been the person who changed my life incredibly, and I’m eternally grateful to her.